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Source: Record Group 407 Box 196; Mansell NARA 8
The "Waddington List" of dead. Waddington apparently was removed from the camp before the surrender- where conflicts exist versus Commonwealth War Graves Commission, information is shown in RED. Hinley, Warre and Grove do not appear on the Waddington List which may confirm his departure before July, 1945.
Date Of Death =

Name, Rank, ASN, Unit, DOD,Cause
Aldis, Harry Peter,Pte,5775713,Norfolk 6 Bn,44.01.09,acute endocarditis
Barnes, Arthur Reginald,Pte,5779999,Norfolk 5 Bn,43.09.26,malnutrition
Barrett, Joseph,Gnr,1801244,RA,43.10.02,pulmonary tuberculosis
Bridge, Reginald,Sigmn,2331683,Royal Corps Signals (RCS),44.02.27,bilateral pulmonary infiltration pneumonia died at Shinagawa
Brown, Arthur Ernest,Pte,5778150,Norfolk 6 Bn,44.04.03,gastro enteritis
Chapman, Cyril,Pte,6020689,Suffolks 4 Bn,43.09.24,cardiac beri beri
Chester, Walter,Pte,5933187,Cambridgeshires 2 Bn,43.09.10,bilateral pulmonary infiltration pneumonia
Cook, John,L Sgt,2965623,RA 3 HAA Regt,43.05.23,gastro enteritis
Crees, Benjamin James,Bdr,901307,RA 118 Field Regt 259 Btry,43.09.25,malnutrition
Dack, Bertie Reginald,Pte,5770353,Norfolk 5 Bn,43.10.21,acute gastro enteritis
Dickson, Albert,Sigmn,2343074,RCS,44.02.08,beri beri
Drummy, Stanley John,Gnr,851842,9th Coast Regt,43.08.27,bilateral pulmonary tuberculosis
Durrant, Spencer Kitchener,Pte,5832566,Suffolks 5 Bn,43.10.08,malnutrition
Earnshaw, Tom Edwin,Sigmn,2349756,RCS 155 Field Regt (Lanarkshires),43.09.23,43.09.26,malnutrition
Edwards, Sydney Thomas,Dvr,T217746,RASC 53 Inf Bgde,44.02.05,acute gastroenteritis
Everson, Ronald William,Pte,5774011,Norfolk 4 Bn,44.02.12,acute gastroenteritis
Ferguson, James,Gnr,1542871,RA 1 HAA Regt 6 Brty,43.10.10,cardiac beri beri
Fisher, William,Pte,5828272,Suffolks 4 Bn,43.10.16,acute enteritis
Galbraith, Dougal McTavish,Sigmn,2583951,RCS 3 Indian Corp Sigs,43.09.24,malnutrition
George, Harold,Pte,3529569,Manchester,44.01.25,acute enteritis
Goreham, Harry Percy,Pte,5778791,Norfolk 5 Bn,44.02.05,acute gastroenteritis
Grove, William Arthur,WOI,1071453,RA attached Ind Army Ord Corps,45.07.12,pulmonary tuberculosis [not on Waddington]
Gunson, George Rothery,Sigmn,2343782,RCS 11th Indian Div Sigs,43.12.13,acute gastroenteritis
Hall, Arthur,Pte,5777091,Norfolk 5 Bn,44.01.14,44.01.15,acute enteritis
Hall, Cecil Frank,Pte,5774113,Norfolk 5 Bn,44.03.11,beri beri acute gastroenteritis
Haughton, William,Pte,3515086,Manchester 1 Bn,44.01.22,acute gastroenteritis
Haynes, Peter,Gnr,872413,9th Coast Regt,44.02.16,acute enteritis beri beri [Haines on Waddington List]
Heath, Arthur Herbert,Pte,6020099,Suffolks 4 Bn,43.10.17,acute gastroenteritis
Hillen, James,Gnr,1427283,16th Defense Regt,44.01.31,acute gastroenteritis [Hilton on Waddington List]
Hinley, Francis Alfred,Gnr, 843617,88th Fireld Regt,45.03.16,Catarrh jaundice [not on Waddington]
Hitching, John Edward,Gnr,1108929,RA 88 Field Regt,44.04.07,beri beri acute gastroenteritis
Keggen, Hubert Stanley,Capt,129799,RASC,43.11.08,acute gastroenteritis
Kelf, Thomas James,Gnr,911258,RA 118 Field Regt,43.10.03,malnutrition
Kiernan, James Alfred,Sigmn,2578444,RCS 137 Field Regt,43.10.04,malnutrition
Lewin, Russell George,Cpl,5883252,RCS 12th Indian Div Sigs,43.12.23,beri beri
Loome, James Robert,Pte,5774840,Norfolk 5 Bn,44.03.06,beri beri acute enteritits
Margetson, Elijah Reginald,Cpl,5774209,Norfolk 5 Bn,43.10.07,cardiac beri beri
Marsh, Walter Leslie,Sigmn,6015777,RCS 3 Indian Corp Sigs,43.10.02,cardiac beri beri
Mason, Frank,Pte,3527186,Manchester 1 Bn,44.01.23,acute gastroenteritis
McGlone, Thomas,Dvr,T186950,RASC,43.10.02,cardiac beri beri
McKie, Thomas,Sgt,2979188,Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders,44.04.21,acute nephritis bilateral pulmonary infiltration, died at Shinagawa
McNeil, Thomas Ernest,Pte,5781118,Norfolk 5 Bn,44.02.16,acute gastroenteritis
Middleton, David,LSgt,810048,RA 88 Field Regt,43.07.08,43.06.29,chronic gastroenteritis
Newman, Raymond Arthur,Gnr,941946,RA 88 Field Regt,44.01.07,croup pneumonia
Overland, Edward James,Pte,5776671,Norfolks 5 Bn,43.09.29,malnutrition
Palmer, George Frederick,Pte,5779628,Norfolks 5 Bn,44.01.03,acute gastroenteritis
Roberts, Edward,Sigmn,2321727,RCS 9th Indian Div Sigs,43.09.10,heart failure cardiac beri beri
Sanderson, Edward,Sigmn,7342840,RCS 3 Indian Corp Sigs,43.11.24,cardiac beri beri
Simpson, Frank,Sigmn,2336801,RCS 155 Field Regt (Lanarkshires),43.10.18,pulmonary tuberculosis
Skidmore, Joseph,Sigmn,7906875,RCS 30 (Heavy) Wire Transp Section,43.09.24,malnutrition
Spooner, Philip Edward,Pte,5828076,Suffolks 4 Bn,43.07.11,heart paralysis- cardiac beri beri
Theobald, Edward James,Sgt,5769733,Norfolks 5 Bn,44.04.09,beri beri
Ward, Albert,Dvr,2350821,RCS 3 Indian Corp Sigs,43.10.01,cardiac beri beri
Warre, Harold,Sgt,2350821,Manchester 1 Bn,45.07.06,catarrh pneumonia [not on Waddington List]
Webster, Frederick Wilmot,Dvr,2343591,RCS 11th Indian Div Sigs,43.12.11,acute gastroenteritis
Wilson, Arthur,Dvr,2364930,Royal Corps Signals (RCS),44.03.03,croup pneumonia
Wollage, Reginald William,Sigmn,2343312,RCS Malay Command Sigs,44.04.28,catarrh pneumonia
Wright, Herbert Harry,Sigmn,2330322,RCS 9th Indian Div Sigs,43.11.29,cardiac beri beri