Tokyo POW Camp #1-D

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Tokyo #1-D Yokohama (Dispatch camp)
Satellite map
Area map

Commonly called "The Yokohama-Mitsubishi Shipyards"

18 Nov 1942:
Camp established as Tokyo #2-B Sub-Branch Camp (YOKOHAMA)
28 Nov 1942: Men arrive from Nagato Maru
1 Aug 1943: Renamed Tokyo 01-D
13 May 1945:
Camp destroyed; POWs known to be transferred to Main Camp (Omori) and Mitsushima
Camp Layout:
Camp layout by Corporal Robert Raymond, USMC. Barracks sketch courtesy of Geoffrey A. Monument, British Army.

Synopsis of Tokyo #1-D (in Japanese; courtesy of POW Research Network Japan)
Ship yard labor and ship construction.

Hell Ship:
Americans- Lima Maru (in transit)- ex Manila 20 Sep 1942; Men remained in Taiwan for approximately 2 months then shipped on 15 Nov 1942 to Moji, on the Dainichi Maru.

Source: Booklet by "Acey" Rudkin, copy supplied by Geoffrey Monument. Camp closed and most Americans sent to Omori- no official roster located. Most British officers moved to Mitsushima after fire bombing. Americans sent either to Omori or Sendai. Extra data added by Center For Research APUJ.
Commonwealth & Others
Incomplete memos re Yokohama dead: page 1 - page 2

Original rosters, British and American (RG 407 Box 188)

Memo listing some of the Japanese staff

Excerpts from the diary of Claude Likens, 192nd Tank Battalion:
War declared Dec. 8. 1941
Ingaged in three major battles. One – Dec. 24, 1941 Carbon River and one the Lingaian Gulf. One battle on the west coast of Battaan Bagac March 21 1942.
One major battle – the main and last line at Orriomn near the Bagaac Road.
Fall of Battaan April 8 1942. I then swam the bay to Corregidor April 9, 1942. I was sent to Drum April 10-1942. Fall of Drum and Fortified islands May. May 6 1942. As prisoner of war sent to Nancy Boac-wa-wa May 7 1942 P.I.
Left Wa-Wa May 18, 1942
Arrived in manila same day at Billi Bed Prison. Then was sent to Cabon na Cawaan May 26, 1942. Later was selected to go to Japan. Left P.I. Sept 18-1942. Arrived in Taiwan or Formosa Sept 26-1942. Left Taiwan Nov 13-1942. Arrived in Yokohamma Nov 28, 1942. Started work for Mitsie Bitsie Heavy Industries Dec 4-1942. We stopped work for Mitchi Bitshi April 13-1945. We then worked 3 week on a farm. We a preparing to leave this camp for another camp.
Full document: Claude Likens Diary and Notebook
(Names of men transcribed)