Sendai 9-B Sakata
Same as
Tokyo 22-D-Yamagata

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Location and Timeline:
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20 Sep 1944: Established as Tokyo 22B- British arrive at camp
14 Apr 1945: Jurisdictional control transferred to SENDAI POW CAMP No. 9-B
Established as Sendai 9-B.
Sep 1945: Rescue effected
Source: Wes Injerd

Story of
British POW "Wally" Mole- survived sinking of the hellship Kachidoki Maru.
Obituary of
Dr. Jim Roulston, doctor with the British 18th Division Royal Engineers
 Slave Labor:
The men were used as stevedores at the train yards and at the docks, loading and unloading all forms of materials, including military equipment and ammunition. Some work at small foundry. Port of Sakada on west coast of Honshu

Hell Ships: Most British, Dutch & Aussies camp up on the Kachidoki Maru. Most Americans transferred in from burned out camps in the Osaka or Tokyo areas. Included were 29 Australian survivors of the Rakuyo Maru. Five of these survivors died in this camp.

Located in Record Group 407 Boxes 11 & 12; trancribed and edited by Roger Mansell, Director
Americans (15) - no deaths
British (248) - includes thirteen (13) deceased
Dutch (5)
Aussies (26) - includes five (5) deceased
Complete data set- Excel File 42 Kb

Lt. Don C. King Recovery Team #63 Reports
Investigation #1 with description of facilities
Investigation #2- recovery of items
Report of travel to investigate possible other civilian camps in area