Sendai POW Camp #8-B
Kosaka, Akita

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Sendai #8-B
AKITA-ken, KATSUNO [Kazuno]-gun, KOSAKA-machi
Satellite map
Aerial (Nov. 1947; courtesy of Japan Map Archives)
Area map

1 Dec 1944:
Camp established as Tokyo-10B (Kosaka)
29 Jan 1945: 150 Men arrive from Melbourne Maru (ex Inrin Temporary camp on Taiwan)
14 Apr 1945: Jurisdictional control transferred from Tokyo POW Command to Sendai POW Command. Camp redesignated as Sendai-08B (Kosaka).
11 Sep 1945: Rescue effected; Most boarded the hospital ship in Sendai Harbor for transit to Yokohama.

Primary Slave Labor Usage:
Mining and smelting of copper. Men were employed by Fujita Gumi Mining (later Dowa Mining, now Dowa Holdings Co.).

Hell Ships:
Based upon manifest located at NARA (RG 407) and analysis by noted researchers Jim Erickson (Texas A&M) and Michael Hurst (MBE, founder of the Taiwan Memorial Society), many of the men at the camp were aboard the Hokusen Maru to Taiwan. Probably all were taken to Japan aboard the Melbourne Maru in Jan 1945, but it's possible that some of the men made the journey aboard the Enoshima Maru in Feb 1945.

Beyond Courage - musical, American POW Aldrich
Oral Interview of Navy pilot Jack Williams- dropped note to camp

Camp Rosters at Liberation:
Total = 343 POWs (236 American, 99 Dutch, 8 British)
Roster at liberation, Sep 1945 - American, British (8) and Dutch (99)
Roster Aug. 15, 1945 (RG 389 Box 2070)
Original roster with NOK (PDF; RG389 Box 2071) - US, British, Dutch
Deaths: 8 Americans

Rosters and Camp Regulations (RG 407 Box 190) - American, British and Dutch

Japanese Camp Staff (at time of rescue)

Books Describing Life at Kosaka:
The Hero Next Door Returns by Kristin Gilpatrick - Preview pages on Amazon indicate good description of Kosaka. George Brenzel of the 59th CA is noted in text.

A Study in Valor by Wm. T. Garner - The story of Clarence H. Bramley

Steel City Survivor by George K. Yakopcic - Story of George L. Yakopcic who enlisted in 1939 and was captured on Corregidor as a member of the 59th Coast Artillery Battery A. His internment took him from Corregidor through Cabanatuan, Taichu and Yokohama to his liberation from Sendai #8B at Kosaka. (PDF file courtesy of author)

James Burton Clough
Pharmacist's Mate 3rd Class, US Naval Hospital Canacao, P.I.
September 28, 1919 - March 16, 1945

James B. Clough collection (PDF) - all material courtesy of James Clough, nephew

Contents of PDF collection:
  • Photo
  • Bilibid Book of War Records - Clough File
  • Notice re POW status 1942-04-13
  • POW postcards from Philippine camps (U.S. General Hospital #1, Little Baguio; Camp O’Donnell, Cabanatuan, Bilibid)
  • Postcard to Clough 1945-06-09
  • Red Cross card notices 1944-07-28
  • Cmdr. Sartin statement re Bilibid Hospital Records 1945-04-24
  • Col. Duckworth Report on Bilibid Navy Hospital Corpsmen 1945-06-20
  • Bilibid Prison Hospital Staff 1945-06-20
  • Maj. Davis memo re Clough gravesite photos 1945-10-03
  • Atkinson letter re Clough death 1945-10-06
  • Forrestal letter re Clough death 1945-11-03
  • Bilibid Medical Records 1946-01-18
  • Bilibid Naval Hospital Citations 1942-05 to 1943-10
  • Bilibid Proposed Awards 1947-06-27
  • Proposed Bronze Star Citation for Clough
  • Forrestal letter citation for Bronze Star
  • Denfeld letter citation
  • News clippings re Bronze Star citation, Clough bio