Nichols Field, Philippines
(Pasay Camp)

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Pasay School [Nichols Field]
The Camp, known as the Pasay School on Park Avenue, was located about one mile from the actual digging site. Nichols field lay approximately 10 miles south of Manila. (Nielson Field was north of Nichols and lay on the south edge of Manila proper.)

From 100 to 450 men were levied from Bilibid Prison at various times. The vast majority were survivors of Corregidor.

Navy man (Hirshberg) accused of collaboration with Japanese guards resulting in fellow Americans being beaten

Japanese Camp Staff:
Not available- However, they were known as Cherry Blossom, Pistol Pete, The Fox, Saki Sam, The Wolf, The Fox and the most evil, The White Angel.
Primary Labor Use:
Build a runway expansion at Nichols field by tearing through an entire mountain by hand.

Personal Web Pages:
"Hank" Cowan, PFC, USAAC- One of the Ghost Soldiers. Good summary of his experiences and excellent descriptions of this camp. Also link to his book.

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Nichols Field (Labor site)
Pasay School (POW Camp)