Los Baņos
Civilian Internment Camp #3
Philippine Islands

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Los Baņos Camp:
Civilian Internment Camp located approximately 25 miles southeast of Manila, about one mile from the southern shore of Laguna de Bay.

Camp Photographs & Sketches

Primary Labor Use:
None- Internees able to raise some food inside campus.

Camp Roster at liberation (RG 389 Box 2070)
Additional interim rosters (RG 389 Box 2202)

Conditional releases; deaths; nurses, etc. (RG 389 Box 2070)

Order to Move to the new camp: Issued at Santo Tomas, 8 May 1943

List of Navy Nurses: 11 Navy nurses sent to administer to the internees

Camp Illustrations: external link (courtesy of John S. Beaber; Beaber webpage)

Rescue and Liberation: Three pages of pictures- Courtesy of George Doherty

Rescue Mission: The complete story by the 511th Airborne

Los Banos Rescue video: (710Mb) Footage of interviews and the actual rescue taken from a support plane (copyright 2005)

Article mentioning Otto Hinsche (July 22, 2007):

Otto Hinsche learned the ropes of the early casino business in Las Vegas at the Last Frontier, then applied that knowledge to running a casino in the Philippines, where Billy was born. Otto became a prisoner of war during World War II, and when the Korean War flared up just five years later, "decided he wasn't going to end up in a POW camp again." He moved the family to Beverly Hills.