Corregidor #7 POW Camp

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Short History:
"Captured on Corregidor" by Major John M. Wright Jr.

23 May 1942: Camp began with 240 men that the Japanese retained on the island. The men were in various quarters on the island but no one camp for entire war.
7 June 1942: Additional 76 officers and enlisted men arrive from Cabanatuan. Senior officer is Lt Col Lewis S. Kirkpatrick. New men placed in Middleside
2 July 1942: Work groups consolidated and quartered in the Filipino Market place in Barrio San Jose.
xx July 1942: Corregidor hospital moved to Bilibid in Manila in early July
25 July 1942: All POWS moved to old station hospital between Middleside and topside.
4 Sept 1942: Sixty-six officers and men sent back to Manila.
xx Oct 1942: Men paid for first time
21 Dec 1942: Red Cross packages arrive- 191 men are present
22 Dec 1942: 140 individual Canadian RC packages arrive.
27 Apr 1943: Lt Col Kirkpatrick dies of pneumonia, 0700 hrs
8 June 1943: Men moved to Manila

Details used to scavange metal, weapons, ammunition. All transferred to Japan.

American Roster:
Partial based upon writings and notes of Major Wright.

Corregidor Rosters (RG 407 Box 55) - list of POWs with prison camp numbers; list of NCO POWs working on Corregidor until 12 May 1944

Japanese Staff:
Partial roster based upon writings and notes of Major Wright.

Up to the departure of the Americans in June of 1943, the men in this camp suffered no significant abuse nor shortage of food. In fact, Major Wright makes note that upon departure, his weight was greater than when the war started, even though he was some twenty pounds underweight upon arrival.

Diaries, Notes and Interviews:
Report by Duane Heisinger