Bachrach POW Detail
POW Camp #8

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Source: Jim Opolony, Bataan Project (192nd Tank Battalion)

The Bachrach detail was on an island off Manila [or in Manila proper?]. It appears the POWs repaired trucks, cars, etc. From what Jim Opolony has been able to piece together, it was created in early 1943 and was active to early October, 1944. NARA's Camp # is 508. When it became clear to the Japanese that the Americans were about to invade the Philippines, the POWs were marched to the Port Area of Manila and boarded onto the Arisan Maru.
To our knowledge, none of this detail (see roster) survived.

Jim completed a handwritten list of POWs who were at the camp. He can't guarantee that he got everyone who was on the detail, because the Japanese may have held back men they considered too ill to go to Japan; he knows that happened to at least one member of the 192nd. The detail had 86 men that we can account for on the roster. All perished.

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