Kobe Hospital
Osaka POW Command

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NOTE: This is NOT Kobe House POW Camp

Kobe Hospital:
RG 407, Box 145-
Detailed report of Kobe Hospital by Lt Ferdinand Berley. Also known as hospital #30
Camp Layout:
Former dormitory of American Mission School, located at Kumouchi, Kobe. Complex was four buildings connected by covered walkways and tile roofs.

Photograph and Location Map:

Time Line:

Camp Photographs and Sketches:

Japanese Camp Staff:
Camp Rosters:
List of US Medical staff
Also Kobe Hospital Report

List of deceased at Kobe Hospital
Men who died as a result of illness, perished in air raid or were injured in air raid of 5 Jun 1945. Bomb hit hospital.


Books Describing Life at Kobe Hospital
Book by John Glusman "Conduct Under Fire". His father was a staff doctor in this camp. We have reviewed its manuscript and believe it will become a classic study of the Bataan doctors.


Joseph Denton (info and scans courtesy of Steve Denton):

My grandfather was Lance Bombadier Joseph Denton (860406 Royal Artillery) captured in Hong Kong (with the 24th battery on Mount Davis, Hong Kong), transported on the Lisbon Maru and survived the third hold. POW at Kobe and survived, attached is a birthday card (front - inside) that was made for him when he was in hospital from a beating he took from the Japanese for insulting the emperor during some kind of camp entertainment. The pips [rank stars] are from Japanese camp Sergeant Morita which my grandad took from him after liberation on account of 'the bastard wasn't fit to wear them.' I believe this is the incident that put Joe in hospital for him to receive the card; the extract is from 'Kobe House P.O.W # 13' by A.J. Locke.

The names on the card are:

Corporal Norman Colley Royal engineers 2070525
Private Nicholas Henry Helliadis Middlesex 6202746
Staff Sergeant John Welford Royal engineers 1868430
The next signature I can't make out, I thought it could be C.Thorne (Charlie) but can't find a record.
Petty Officer Henry Edward Short Royal Navy c/j40659
Lance Corporal Albert.N.Jefford Royal engineers 1874087
Private Charles Kenedy infantry 3054479
Private Leonard Owen Royal Scots 3054937
Private Alex.S.McDougall Argyle 3063696.

Corporal Norman Colley was nicknamed YAGI because he had little or no teeth and it meant something in Japanese. Private Nicolas Helliadis, I think might be the man who Joe told me was an American serving in the British army but I'm yet to prove that. The card would have been dated around the end of October 1944.

The verse in the card where it starts well you rubber faced reflection of a music halls star turn was a reference to his face after the beating the Japanese gave him for insulting the emperor in camp entertainment and also because he was part of an entertainment trio in Hong Kong and the prison camp called 'The Harmony Three' which consisted of Joe 'Muncy' Denton, Francis 'Fran' Florence and John 'Ramp' Bowen. Joe was nicknamed 'Muncy' because of a likeness to a ganster of the time. Attached is a badge that they wore. And also an excerpt from a book called 'Hostages to Fortune' by Tim Carew.

Joe could speak Japanese and used to listen to the radio transmissions, and they used to dangle him out of a window to do so! He got caught doing this once and took a beating for it. He said he found out about the Japanese surrender by this method. He could also speak dialects of Chinese and Indian.

The photo with five people on was from a survivors reunion in the early to mid 80's. From left to right: Thomas 'Doughie' Baker, Joe 'Muncy' Denton (Harmony three), Johnny Inglis, John 'Ramp' Bowen (Harmony three) and Fred 'Spuggy' Pidgeon. The photo with three on are from left to right: Johnny Inglis, Francis 'Fran' Florence (Harmony three) and Joe 'Muncy' Denton. Joe is on the horse and on the left on the picture of two; I don't know who the other man is. Joe died in July 1995, aged 76.

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