Kobe Hospital
Osaka POW Command

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Caution: This is NOT Kobe House POW Camp

Kobe Hospital:
RG 407, Box 145-
Detailed report of Kobe Hospital by Lt Ferdinand Berley. Also known as hospital #30
Camp Layout:
Former dormitory of American Mission School, located at Kumouchi, Kobe. Complex was four buildings connected by covered walkways and tile roofs.

Photograph and Location Map

Time Line:

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Japanese Camp Staff:
Camp Rosters:
List of US Medical staff
Also Kobe Hospital Report

List of deceased at Kobe Hospital
Men who died as a result of illness, perished in air raid or were injured in air raid of 5 Jun 1945. Bomb hit hospital.


Books Describing Life at Kobe Hospital
Book by John Glusman "Conduct Under Fire". His father was a staff doctor in this camp. We have reviewed its manuscript and believe it will become a classic study of the Bataan doctors.