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ISBN 0670034088
Viking Press

Winner of the Colby Medal for Military History
February 2007

Conduct Under Fire - Four American Doctors and their Fight for Life as Prisoners of the Japanese 1941-1945
by John Glusman, , Viking Press, 2005
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    In "Conduct Under Fire", John A. Glusman recounts the ordeals of his father and three fellow Navy doctors captured on Corregidor in May 1942. Interwoven in the scenes of battle, Glusman relates with startling clarity, the savagery and contempt the Japanese visited on the victims of their war to seize the Pacific nations. Glusman's extraordinary writing skills vividly conjures up all of your senses to place you there at the surrender of Bataan and the days that followed.

    One wants to duck for cover as he tells of the bombardments of Corregidor, scream for air in the fetid suffocating air of the packed holds of the hell ships - carrying the sick and starving prisoners for slave labor in Japan and finally, to weep for the patients who die because of the Japanese hatred of the "anglos".

    Perhaps one learns more than needed about the effects of starvation but this is a book about the war through the eyes of the beloved doctors.

    Glusman has the rare talent that puts you into the dream - perhaps nightmare is more appropriate - of the scenes of war, surrender and survival. His original research is a marvelous blend of letters, diaries and interviews used in the War Crime Trials. Well worth the purchase and worth reading.
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