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Rescue Roster Source: RG 331- Box 946
A number of names were "lined out" on the rescue rosters indicating these men were NOT present at the rescue. These names are in red. One man, Chipps, died after the surrender.
Deceased source: Taeko Sasamoto, Japan POW Research Network

The deceased men are listed first:
Name, Rank, ASN, Service, Unit, Date of death, Cause
Brittingham, Richard Cloyd,CY,3415195,USN,USS Canopus,44.08.13,acute colitis (possibly en route via the Nissyo Maru as camp did not open until the following week)
Chipps, Russell Gerard,PVT,15017249,CAC,60th D,45.09.03,Tuberculosis
after surrender
Cohen, Mitchell,CPL,221712,MAR,4th K,45.03.06,pneumonia & pleurisy
Fennell, John Miller,MM3C,2616838,USN,USS Finch,45.07.13,Acute colitis & Beri Beri
Haynes, Stephen Samuel,PFC,290549,MAR,4th H,45.07.30,Killed in B-29 air raid
Keller, Joseph James,PVT,311730,MAR,4th 3 Bn Hq,45.08.16,Beri beri Chronic enteritis
King, Gaston C,PFC,14042459,CAC,60th I,45.07.30,Killed in B-29 air raid
Kirkley, Oscar Eulys,PVT,16041119,CAC,60th I,45.01.30,Beri Beri & enteritis
Latvala, Einer Alvin,PFC,225109,MAR,4th M,45.01.01,Cardiac Beri Beri
McCoy, Charles Francis,SK1C,2147342,USN,USS Canopus,45.05.16,Chronic enteritis

Abbott, Irvin Louis,Sgt,R&077901,USAAC, 27 BG (L) Hq
Alder, Paul Grover,PFC,6953612,USAAC
Alvarado, Baldwin Carl Jr.,PFC,293957,USMC
Anderson, Earl H.,Pvt,39226019,USA (CAC)
Armellino, John Joseph,PFC,6908536,USA (INF)
Babricki, Stanley,PFC,32063099,USA (CE)
Baker, Donald Leroy,SSgt,6896805,USA (CAC)
Bannon, Olo Junior,Pvt,18043786,USA (CAC)
Barela, Louis James,PFC,18029103,USA (CAC)
Bartz, Richard Warren,Corp,6578025,USA (CAC)
Ball, Eugene Edward,Pvt,17007365,USA (CAC)
Bevel, Bob Buddy,2nd Lt,O&890182,USA (CAC)
Blacketer, William Elwood,Pvt,20523439,USA (AMD) 192nd D
Blackmon, Earl Louis,Pvt,20938799,USA (CAC)
Bleish, LaMoyne Charles,1st Lt,O&381692,USA (MC)
Boggs, Robert Kenneth "Bob",Sgt,20844135,USA (CAC)
Bowling, Clifford Melvin,PFC,302081,USMC
Bradley, Eddie Newton,PFC,17014166,USA (CAC)
Brannan, John Wiley,Corp,272205,USMC
Breske, Theodore Ted,Sgt,18003319,USA (ORD)
Brown, Gerald Joseph,1st Lt,O&386036,USA (SC)
Brown, Frank Melville Jr.,2nd Lt,O&890107,USA (INF)
Brownlee, Dewitt Mitchell,Pvt,6937862,USAAC
Bruce, William Leon "Alimony",PFC,20842490,USA (CAC), 200th Hq
Bryant, Andrew Thomas,2nd Lt,O&890376,USA (INF)
Buhler, Floyd Edward,Corp,19013578,USA (CAC)
Bulit, William Anton,Sgt,6934194,USAAC
Bunch, William Paul,Sgt,20843725,USA (CAC)
Burch, Webster Eugene,PFC,291103,USMC
Bussell, Norman Eugene,Sgt,290908,USMC
Caire, James Andrew,PFC,6968343,USAAC
Campbell, Raymond E.,Pvt,13032252,USA (INF)
Carl, Earl John,Corp,6864138,USA (INF)
Carrier, David Royce,Pvt,6299888,USAAC

Carrillo, Russell Lucky,Pvt,17016555,USA (INF)
Carter, Johnie T.,Pvt,6896200,USA (CWS)
Carter, Charles Albert,PFC,35031386,USA (AMD) 192nd Tank B
Caudell, Robert Norman,BM2c,3420077,USN
Caudle, Robert Lee,Pvt,7084754,USA (CE)
Chandler, Merle Leon,Corp,6278409,USA (INF)
Chavez, Ernest Joseph,SSgt,20842697,USA (CAC)
Childs, Oran James,Corp,17014177,USA (INF)
Cimini, Albert Italo,PFC,,USA
Clark, William Burton,Sgt,20843008,USA (CAC)
Clements, Merle Martin,Sgt,18000148,USAAC
Colvin, Wayne Wilbur,Pvt,19020294,USA (ORD)
Conklin, Charles Harley,PFC,32036642,USA (CE)
Costello, Robert Murien,Corp,301040,USMC
Crance, Clarence Elmer,Corp,6662298,USAAC
Creighton, John George,PFC,19056401,USA (CAC)
Crosby, Harvey,Pvt,6142550,USA (INF)
Cullum, Franklin Roy,Corp,38012110,USA (CAC)
Davis, Wilbur Leon,PFC,17023845,USA (CAC)
Davis, Harold Sanford,Pvt,19020504,USA (CAC)
De Venzeio, Orlando Joseph,Sgt,20842699,USA (CAC)
Dickover, Floyd Alvin,Sgt,251903,USMC
Dixon, Elmer,Sgt,248935,USMC
Doane, Leslie Otis,Capt,O&375885,USA (CAC)

Dow, Benjamin James,MM2c,3598524,USN
Draper, John William,Corp,280870,USMC
Drennen, Homer King,MSgt,285322,USMC
Dronberger, Charles Shehi,1st Lt,O&375886,USA (CAC)
Drozd, John David,Pvt,17001403,USAAC
Duby, Ralph William,2nd Lt,O&401818,USA (AMD)
DuPree, Lester Eugene,2nd Lt,O&890389,USA (INF)
Dye, Clyde Wilbur,PFC,281754,USMC
Dzierlatka, Stanley Jerry,PFC,36105086,USA (CAC)
Eggers, Robert Jr.,PFC,270731,USMC
Egner, Carl McAdoo,Pvt,18029930,USAAC
Ely, Cleo Henry,Sgt,6858839,USAAC
Evanichko, Stanley,PFC,33033740,USA (CE)
Evans, Donald Dunae,PFC,20843339,USA (CAC)
Everett, Charles Elmer,PFC,35002355,USA (AMD), 192nd C
Fackender, Kenneth William,Pvt,6949901,USAAC
Farrell, Alfred E.,Corp,32107688,USA (CE)
Feinberg, Morton,Corp,265862,USMC
Ferguson, Chester Arthur,Sgt,7001246,USA
Findley, Donald P.,PFC,18048823,USA (CAC)
Flathers, Thomas Arthur,PFC,284543,USMC
Fleming, Leslie Gilbert,PFC,38012423,USA (CAC)
Floyd, Paul David,Corp,6553403,USAAC
Foutz, Malcom Lowell,Pvt,19012590,USA (INF)
Franceschi, Italo Frank,PFC,19053451,USA (ORD)
Franklin, Asa William,SSgt,6967754,USAAC
Frederick, Leroy Merlin,Sgt,6948891,USAAC
Freeman, Ray Eugene,Pvt,19014529,USA (CAC)
Frey, Norman Francis,Pvt,19036074,USAAC
Frisch, Harold John,Pvt,17024984,USA (CAC)
Fryziuk, Nicholas Ford,Sgt,20600441,USA (AMD) 192nd B
Gabour, Francis Edward,Pvt,18029844,USAAC
Gage, William Jr.,SSgt,6268699,USA (MD)
Gainey, Gilbert,Corp,278621,USMC
Gambill, William Claude,Sgt,268590,USMC
Garcia, Abedon,Pvt,38011221,USA (CAC)
Garlick, Elmer Hugh,PFC,270584,USMC
Garrison, John Edward,Pvt,18001783,USA (CAC)
Gayler, Robert William,PFC,289585,USMC
Gerhard, Albert Van,PFC,13008721,USA (SC)
Gibbs, Ralph G.,2nd Lt,O&890308,USA (CE)
Goedecke, Henry Richard,Corp,18042298,USA (CAC)
Goff, Harold Ely,PFC,278523,USMC
Gomez, Clyde Donavan,Pvt,38031495,USA (CAC)
Goodrich, Charles L.,Pvt,19048352,USA (CAC)
Grant, James C.,Pvt,14037603,USA (CWS)
Graves, Darwin Leonard,Pvt,17025113,USA (CAC)
Gravitt, Floyd Raymond,SSgt,6296920,USAAC
Griffin, Alfred Woodrow,Pvt,6831314,USA (QMC)
Griffiths, Ray,Pvt,19010842,USA (CAC)
Gulledge, Inman,PFC,281292,USMC
Hale, Alfred Aubry,Pvt,18052230,USA (CAC)
Hall, Percy Edward,SSgt,6797974,USAAC
Hamer, John Alfred,1st Lt,O&390257,USA (CE)
Hamilton, Samuel Edward,Pvt,15061803,USA (CAC)
Hamrick, Hugh Furguesen,PFC,34113609,USA (CE)
Hardin, Harold,PFC,19006337,USA (ORD)
Harris, Roscoe,Corp,16003921,USA (INF)
Harris, Byron Keith,PFC,15065838,USA (SC)
Harris, Earl Roland,Sgt,20844123,USA (CAC)
Hart, Harold Joseph,Pvt,13024669,USAAC
Harvison, Ernie Carrol,Pvt,18050400,USA (CAC)
Haynes, Charles Walker,PFC,18001666,USA (CAC)
Hays, William Hubert,Pvt,18056813,USAAC
Heisey, Mark McKay,Sgt,6941021,USA (SC)
Henderson, Roy Levorn,PFC,290551,USMC
Henson, Lee Roy,Pvt,18052527,USA (CWS)
Herbert, Stanley Henry,Corp,19051917,USA (INF)
Heslep, Bruce Henry,PFC,17014305,USA (CAC)
Hines, Gerald Woodie,SC3C,3602859,USN
Hinz, Ralph Joseph,Pvt,18017514,USAAC
Hitchcock, Wallace Patrick,Sgt,278206,USMC
Hobbs, Archie,Pvt,18029966,USAAC
Hoggard, Grady Lee,WT1c,2657157,USN
Holik, Alexander,Pvt,6141674,USA (CAC)
Hollingsworth, Thomas Lee,Pvt,14049250,USA (ORD)
Holloway, Carl Milner,Sgt,280416,USMC [Wrote book: "Happy, The POW"]
Horsfall, Lloyd Russell,Sgt,6562170,USAAC
Houseman, John Gordon,Pvt,6914810,USA (CAC)
Huddle, David Daniel,SSgt,6856294,USA (CE)
Ison, Raymond,Pvt,15065629,USA (CAC)
Isreal, Kenneth Eugene,PFC,6578850,USA (CAC)
Jackson, Robert William,Major,O&255320,USA (SC)
James, Charlie Franklin,Sgt,20843716,USA (CAC)
Jeffries, William Floyd,SK2c,2832081,USN
Jensen, Werner Fredrick,Corp,270614,USMC
Johnson, Sam Charles,Pvt,14001648,USAAC
Jones, Horace Edward,Sgt,6834843,USA (INF)
Jones, Alex N.,MSgt,265742,USMC
Kellett, Jack Delaney,PFC,14006351,USAAC
Kent, Lawrence Joseph,Pvt,19012772,USA (CAC)
Kieffer, Warren Jessie,PFC,19020015,USAAC
Kiernan, James Vincent,CIV, AG's office-fought as "not sworn in" soldier
King, Howard H.,Pvt,36152212,USA (CWS)
Klusendorf, William Alvin,Fld Ck,279817,USMC
Knight, Lyle Gray,GM2c,2658520,USN
Knod, Guy Ellis,SF2c,3467170,USN
Knox, Cecil Allen,Sgt,6287940,USA (CAC)
Kozich, Alexander,Corp,16003825,USA (CAC)
Kruszyna, Anthony,SC2c,2832011,USN
Kukec, Charles,PFC,280197,USMC
Lancaster, Ollie Jr.,2nd Lt,O&393658,USAAC
Langley, Conrad Aaron,PFC,14014677,USAAC
Lay, John Wesley,PFC,17014207,USA (CAC)
Leach, Arthur Eugene,Pvt,17000625,USA (CAC)
Ledeau, Edward Jr.,Pvt,19054360,USA (CAC)
Lee, Lyle Ernest,Pvt,19015611,USAAC
Leighton, Reginald,Pvt,11014421,USA (SC)
Lewellen, Ross Dee,PFC,6559279,USA (CAC)
Lewis, Ralph Crockett,Corp,38012001,USA (CAC)
Leybam, Macedonio Burrola,PFC,20842519,USA (CAC)
Leyrer, Robert J. (Lehrer? Legrer?), 2 LT,O&392233, 24 Purs Gp 17 Purs Sqn [added per RG 407 Box 128 Bruce Notes]
Linn, Howard Jennings,Sgt,38023045,USA (INF)
Lockard, Edwin Smith,Sgt,20843493,USA (CAC)
Locke, Henry Clay,PFC,278630,USMC
Longoria, Jose Angel,Pvt,38029637,USA (CAC)
Lorraine, Wayne Thomas,Corp,17003437,USA (CAC)
Lovato, Rosenaldo,Pvt,38012607,USA (CAC)
Lower, Joseph Martin,Sgt,7030251,USAAC
Madden, Eugene Charles,Corp,6562815,USA (CAC)
Malouff, James Joseph,Corp,11024449,USAAC
Manney, William Lee,Corp,272524,USMC
Marchetti, Louis Bartholomew,Pvt,13030103,USA (CAC)
Markham, Allen Harris,Pvt,19006302,USA (CAC)
Martin, William Wiley,Pvt,19044330,USA (CAC)
Martin, John James,Major,O&223193,USA (INF)
Mason, Lassiter Albert,Capt,O&019060,USA (SC)
Mathiesen, Howard Arnold,Corp,19051292,USA (CAC)
Maxson, Clinton Edgar,Pvt,19021102,USA (CAC)
Mayberry, Oubra Lee,Sgt,6937203,USAAC
Mayo, George Wilson,Pvt,14042436,USA (INF)
Mc Auliffe, William Mitchell,SSgt,20645208,USA (AMD),192nd A
Mc Cain, Lindell Hosea,RM2c,3601020,USN
Mc Cord, George Walter,Corp,274716,USMC
Mc Creanor, Raymond Joseph,Pvt,35021101,USA (AMD), 192nd C
Mc Cusker, Chester Francis,Pvt,280198,USMC
Mc Donald, Grant Andrew,Corp,19011304,USAAC
Mc Elhinney, Jack Raymond,Corp,288078,USMC
Mc Neil, Alvin Lloyd,COX,2957353,USN
Mc Leod, Joseph Everett,Corp,38011868,USA (CAC)
Mc Keon, William Vincent,Corp,37026135,USA (INF)
Menozzi, Harry Paul,PFC,33081096,USA (CE)
Merianos, Konstantine Gus,Sgt,16003836,USA (CAC)
Metta, Nicholas,Corp,6147716,USAAC
Miller, Robert Frederick,PFC,38012235,USA (CAC)
Miller, William Floyd,Y3c,3562497,USN
Miller, John Bruce,Pvt,14014588,USAAC
Mino, Francis Edward,Pvt,18045739,USA (ORD)
Minton, Warren Arthur,Capt,O&362251,USA (CAV)
Mitchell, Stanley Harrison,Pvt,15017096,USA (CAC)
Montgomery, Ralph Windfield,MSgt,6819960,USA (DML)
Montoya, Henry Gregaro,Pvt,18035214,USA (CAC)
Morgan, Clarence Hay,Corp,7021957,USA (CAC)
Morris, Robert Lee,Corp,,USA
Mortvedt, Carl,Corp,288078,USMC
Mullen, Robert Lee,PFC,15061737,USA (CAC)
Mullinak, Charles Rayburn,Sgt,6830353,USA (CAC)
Nasato, Mansueto,SSgt,6533233,USA (INF)
Nations, Johnie Washington,CGM,3365065,USN
Naylor, Leonard Donald,Sgt,7021938,USA (CAC)
Nuckles, Melvin Jr.,Pvt,15061704,USA (CAC)
O'Brien, Pat,Sgt,6648271,USA (CAC)
O'Rorke, James Richard,PFC,13013740,USA (SC)
Obourn, Robert Lyle,2nd Lt,O&418579,USA (CAC)
Olson, John Eric,Capt,O&022125,USAAC [ex Yodogawa]
Otero, Marcus,Pvt,18001293,USA (CE)
Owen, Paul Maurice,Pvt,37053257,USA (CAC)
Ozanich, Anthony Robert,Corp,16021767,USA (CAC)
Penrod, William Thomas,PFC,15061731,USA (CAC)
Peralta, Mike Sandobal,Pvt,38011882,USA (CAC)
Perich, Mike,Pvt,6836683,USA (CAC)
Perkins, Billy Roger,Sgt,19017087,USAAC
Perkins, George Howard,Pvt,18049012,USA
Petty, Warren Gamaliel,COX,2872430,USN
Phariss, Hay C.,Pvt,17014747,USA (CAC)
Phillips, Arthur Carl,Pvt,7023862,USA (CAC)
Phillips, James Thomas,Sgt,6560788,USA (MD)
Phillips, Earl,PFC,13017411,USA (INF)
Pickard, Wilbert Jerome,Pvt,16013494,USA (CAC)
Pollock, Victor Basil,SSgt,6387088,USAAC
Pope, Howard Loxley,SSgt,6389501,USA (QMC)
Prater, Lacy Lonzo,Pvt,35002331,USA (AMD)
Pringle, Joseph Alton,CPL,3679764,USN
Purcell, Harry Miller,WOJG,W2101003,USA (NO)
Purlee, Joseph Lemuel,Pvt,16041143,USA (CAC)
Rael, Marcos Robert Jr.,PFC,20843155,USA (CAC)
Ragan, Robert Graydon,Corp,274109,USMC
Rankin, Burl Eldred,SSgt,6271646,USAAC
Reardon, William Bryan,Major,O&277800,USA (CAC)
Rebenschied, William Edward,Corp,290060,USMC
Reed, Billy Gillette,Pvt,274551,USMC
Reese, James Terry,Pvt,18038797,USA (CAC)
Remy, Marcel,MSgt,6089239,USAAC
Rich, Maury,Pvt,17014970,USA (QMC)
Richter, Lloyd James,Pvt,20645294,USA (AMD) 192nd Tank
Riedmiller, Charles Gerard,Pvt,35001807,USA (INF)
Riegler, Richard Otto,1st Lt,O&375530,USA (SC)
Riggins, Clarence Fink,Pvt,14037668,USA (CAC)
Ringer, Morris Edward,AM2c,2582643,USN
Rizzo, Joseph,SSgt,6878224,USA (INF)
Roberts, Ralph James,Pvt,15041127,USA (CE)
Rodgers, Joe,Pvt,6299036,USAAC
Rodriguez, Juan Jesus,Pvt,38030847,USA (CAC)
Rogers, Climith Wilson,Pvt,19012924,USA (QMC)
Rorke, Edward Francis,Sgt,32092694,USA (CE)
Sanchez, Pete,Sgt,20843176,USA (CAC)
Sarno, Paul Leo,PFC,36016364,USA (MD)
Saunders, Bernard West,Pvt,13034917,USAAC
Schaefer, Monroe Otto,PFC,6289212,USA (MP)
Schwabe, Adolph Rhinehardt,2nd Lt,O&890411,USA (INF)
Scott, Chester Ray Jr.,Sgt,20842997,USA (CAC)
Seifert, Clifford Wilson,MM1c,2580047,USN
Shaffer, Woodrow Tryeve,AOM3c,3287631,USN
Shaw, Ted,SSgt,6564665,USA
Shaw, Charles Henry,Pvt,37077322,USA
Shelley, Lawrence Wesley,SM1c,3857337,USN
Shuffert, Omar Lyle,PFC,15046357,USAAC
Simer, Zigmund Robert,SSgt,6911742,USAAC
Simmons, George F.,Sgt,39231845,USA
Simpson, George Winton,Sgt,6264527,USA (CAC)
Siqueiros, Elivario P.,PFC,18017461,USA (CAC)
Smetts, Robert Franklin,Pvt,19024223,USAAC
Smith, Woodrow Wilson,Pvt,15017306,USA (CAC)
Sniezko, William,MSgt,6141670,USA (QMC)
Solomon, Nathan,Pvt,6980003,USA (CAC)
Spurlock, Gid Howard Jr.,COX,3603644,USN
Stackhouse, Orval Mack,Pvt,19053071,USA (INF)
Staniger, Arthur Henry,SSgt,6281826,USA (QMC)
Starr, Warren Albert,Capt,O&305163,USA (CAC)
Stepper, Vermont,PFC,19054526,USA (MP)
Stiles, Faris Joy,Pvt,19002245,USAAC
Suttle, Donald Sheridan,MSgt,6523612,USAAC
Swor, Sam Roscoe,Corp,264034,USMC
Tackett, James Albert,PFC,266250,USMC
Tellez, Henry Felix,PFC,6296973,USA (ORD)
Thompson, Delacourte William,2nd Lt,O&890124,USA
Thompson, Marshall Lewis,Corp,12003054,USA (MD)
Tidwell, James Travis,Pvt,18038607,USA
Tierney, Thomas Henry,Pvt,17002859,USA (CAC)
Toka, Andrew Jr.,Pvt,32074280,USA (CE)
Toland, Philip Daniel,Pvt,11030541,USA (INF)
Tomlinson, Paul William,Pvt,11030541,USA (CAC)
Tootle, James Auburn,Sgt,265329,USMC
Torres, Trinidad Herrea,Pvt,38030617,USA (CAC)
Tracer, Jay C.,SSgt,6576383,USAAC
Travers, Robert Jerome,Pvt,19051034,USA (INF)
Triana, John,Pvt,18042182,USA (CAC)
Tucker, Walter Lenard,Pvt,38029393,USA (INF), 192nd Tank Hq
Tyson, Herbert Greenwood,Sgt,6296897,USAAC
Vaitkus, Benedict Anthony,CM2c,2072103,USN, USS Canopus
Van Buskirk, Wilburn Vaugha,Corp,276653,USMC
Vance, Lyle Lloyd,PFC,301401,USMC
Vandervort, Irwin Vincent,Corp,19016255,USA (CAC)
Wagner, Louis Marvin,PFC,37046744,USA (CAC)
Wall, Bill,Pvt,6275148,USA (CAC)
Waller, Ralph Lee,PFC,19002107,USA (CAC)
Warden, Vanstell Sollie,Pvt,14042430,USA (CAC)
Watson, Max Howard,SC1c,3805616,USN
Webb, James Roy,Pvt,18050014,USA (CAC)
Wendling, Floren Joseph,Pvt,20939396,USA (CAC)
Western, Carl Eugene,Sgt,39007271,USA (QMC)
Wilckens, Ernest Webster,Sgt,20434686,USA (CAC)
Wilayto, Henry John,Sgt,18001279,USA (QMC)
Wilkinson, Henry Earl,PFC,300516,USMC
Wilson, Charles Leroy,Corp,19015120,USA (AC) 19 BG (H) 7 Mat [REVISED Nov 2008]
Wittke, Donald Eldon,Corp,301760,USMC
Woodson, Jack Thurston,1st Lt,O&376888,USA (ORD)
Wright, Fletcher Lavelle,Sgt,14006579,USAAC
Wright, Forrest Eugene,PFC,294988,USMC
Wunnenburg, Harlan John,Pvt,17017201,USA (CAC)
York, Archie Colman,Corp,17014209,USA (CAC)
Zahler, Melvin John,PFC,297178,USMC