Hiroshima POW Camp #5-B

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HIROSHIMA-ken, MITSUKI-gun, INNOSHIMA [Mitsunosho-machi]
Area Map - Located on an island on the Inland Sea, 45 miles east-southeast of Hiroshima

History: (Courtesy of Barnes diary extract)
27 Nov 1942:
Established as (Fukuoka) YAHATA Provisional POW CAMP MUKAIJIMA Branch Camp- 100 British POWs from Java- led by Squadron Leader (Major) Eric William "Ricay" Wright
Jan 1943: Renamed FUKUOKA POW CAMP, INNOSHIMA Branch Camp
23 Jan 1943: Hong Kong Volunteer Defense Force detail plus 3 Americans arrive
1 Mar 1943: Renamed Fukuoka #12-B
14 Jul 1943: Jurisdictional control transferred to ZENTSUJI POW CAMP 2-B (Hiroshima Command)
10 Dec 1943: Sqn Ldr "Ricay" Wright departs for Zentsuji; WP/O H.A.Pritchard assumes command of POWs (See Bonnes diary notes)
13 April 1945: Established as "Zentsuji sub-camp 2-D", renamed 5-B in August 1945
13 March 1945: Camp heavily strafed by carrier planes. At least 10 Japanese killed; French ship "Le Comte de Lille" very damaged.
28 Jul 1945: Docks heavily strafed; 2 POWS wounded by shrapnel
28 Aug 1945: American B-29 crew arrive that were shot down 8 August; Lt W. Ross, Flt Officer McNeish and medical officer.
30 August 1945: First food drop kills 5 Japanese per Corporal Bonnes Diary [British; diary at IWM File P463]
Sept 1945: Rescue effected

FEPOW Description of Innoshima
Summary of war crime trial: Munehiro, Genichi
Summary of war crime trial: Nomoto, Akira (Camp CO)
Japanese Reconciliation Site: contains pics of released POWS - worth reviewing

The Emperor's Guest by John Fletcher-Cooke (2013)
Shipyard building of ships and related labor

Hell Ship:
Dai Nichi Maru for first group of British from Singapore (ex Yoshida Maru from Java); mixed for Americans and Commonwealth soldiers from Hong Kong

Report of Camp Conditions - Gibbs Report (AWM War Crime Files)

Rescue Rosters:
(Source: NARA RG 407 Box 102 and Box 103)
Group I - RAF men from Java
Group II - men from Hong Kong
Americans: 2 American Military [S1c Melvin C. Wilkerson, USN; Pvt JamesWoodrow Babb, USMC Sumay, Guam], and one American civilian, Frank Perry, CPNAP Wake Island
Original rosters (PDF)
Roster Aug. 15, 1945 (RG 389 Box 2070)

Deceased: See PDF file ceated by Japan POW Research Network

Rosters for all Hiroshima camps (PDF)

Hedley Allen Bonnes, CORP, RAF; Diary & affidavit, IWM, File: P463- Diary indicting major events and movements; early deaths in camp; notes strafing of camp by American carrier planes. Mentions American aviators shot down 8 August 1945 who passed through camp en route Hir-04B-Mukaijima. Notes names:1st Lt W. Ross; F/O McNeish plus an unnamed medical officer.


View of Hiroshima Camp #5 (Innoshima) showing (L to R) quarters of prison officials, main office building and solitary cells, and kitchen.
Living quarters of POW's at Hiroshima POW camp #5 (Innoshima)
View showing three solitary cells in main office building at Hiroshima POW camp #5 (Innoshima)
HKVDF POWs at Innoshima (courtesy of Wayne Carew, stepson of Izatt) Need help identifying these men!
"ees" = Kees (back row)
James Joseph Osborne King (back row, far left)
HKVDC POWs from Innoshima aboard HMS Colossus (courtesy of Wayne Carew, stepson of Izatt)

clearer image below
Innoshima POW camp (courtesy of Janet Sykes, daughter of HKVDC Leonard Sykes)
Inland Sea view of Innoshima (courtesy of Janet Sykes)

Men from this camp after repatriation
on the deck of the HMS Ruler arriving in Sydney
(courtesy of Janet Sykes)

Front Row: L to R: D.C.C. Allen, B.O. Deane, Jimmy King, Bill Lowe, Edgar Matthias, Walter Duffield, John Fitzhenry, Ronnie Ross, A.E. Goldenberg
2nd Row, L to R: Judge Williams, Soos Knox, L. Glenndening, Ossie Butler, Silo Fisher, Ian Kempton, Freddy Clomo, C.B. Le Patourel, Ginger Day, Bill Wilson, Doug Hamilton, Ken Keen
3rd Row, L to R: Jim Fisher, ...?..., Ted Findier (?), Vic White, w/o Fable, Bob Everest, Len Sykes, Tony Lapsley, Robert Lapsley
4th Row, L to R: George Cottrell, Bill Tinson, Fred Cullen, Ernie Fowler, W. Lamb, Reggie Broadbridge, Vic Bond, Ferdic Lapsley, Charlie Manson, B. Hillstone, Charles Tandien, Boris Gellman, H.O. Kees, L. Coxhill
5th Row, L to R: ...?..., Prof. Mackenzie, Bill Rowe, Ian Dixon, Joe Eastman, Norman Broadbridge, Joe Dodds, Les Millington, J.W. Macdonald, Eric Matthews, R.W. Smith