Fukuoka #8 Inatsuki

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Fukuoka #8 Branch POW Camp

Satellite View (Google Maps); Map showing relative position with other camps in Fukuoka POW Command.

3 Oct 1943:
Established as Fuk-19-B
19 Apr 1944: Renamed Fukuoka 11-D
?? Mar 1945: 69 Americans arrive from Tanagawa (Osaka)
Aug 1945: Renamed Fukuoka 8-B
Sep 1945: Rescue effected


Aug. 26, 1945 aerial photo

Fukuoka #8 POW camp

Japanese pics of this camp, and Yamano

British COFEPOW Story and pictures of Christmas 1944 at Inatsuki (original photo)

British Group at rescue: John Baxter is pictured third from right in the front row wearing a peaked cap. The picture was taken after the Japanese surrender by a Japanese photographer who was 'persuaded' to take it as a record of the physical condition of the prisoners. In The Diary of a Japanese P.O.W., John Baxter tells of the beatings and torture he witnessed first hand. One local Indonesian who traded some bananas with a prisoner was tied to a tree with barbed wire and left in the scorching heat. He also tells how every opportunity was taken to sabotage the Japanese war effort. Engines that they were instructed to repair left the workshops with nails or fragments of metal inserted inside them. Two hundred men died from malaria, dengue fever, dysentery and beriberi in the first six months alone.

Photos from John Marrison (PDF) - see Frank Marrison diary above. Also contributed was this unique commemorative fan with Marrison's history inscribed, dated Aug. 31, 1945:
Prisoners used as slaves in a coal mine of the Yamano Coal Mining Company.

Hell Ships:
251 British prisoners arrived 13 Oct. 1943 on the Ussuri Maru. 270 Dutch prisoners arrived on 25 Dec 1943 (Ship unknown at present) British and Dutch Army medical personnel were present in both groups. The Americans had earlier arrived at Moji (1 Sep 1944) on the Canadian Inventor after almost 60 days at sea.

Gibbs Report:
Gibbs Report- (postwar summary based upon interviews with Japanese officials) detail conditon and history of camp.

Fred Chick statement

Sylvan E. Murray - Info and news article, family scans courtesy of Karli Kittine, granddaughter

FUK-08_Watson and Wellings_affidavits - original documents

Frank Marrison Diary (PDF, DOC) - "My father, Frank Marrison, was a prisoner in Camp No. 8, Inatsuki-machi, Kamo. He was in the 77th Welsh HAA." --John Marrison

Located in Record Group 331 Box 920; these files were mostly hand written and we have photographs of each page, available for the asking. Capt. Peter Williams, Royal Artillery, was overall prisoner camp commander

Original rosters (PDF)
FUK-08_Rosters_1946-02-16.pdf - ORIGINALS
Deceased roster (external PDF file)

"Missing Believed Killed" by John Baxter, British POW survivor.