Tokyo Division Camps

Tokyo Area -- Omori Main Camp -- Shinagawa Infirmary -- Ofuna Main Camp
Kawasaki #2 -- Yokohama Area -- Naoetsu #4 -- Niigata #5 -- Niigata #15
Ashio #9 -- Minami Senju #10 -- Urawa (St. Francisco Convent)

Tokyo Area

Omori Main Camp

30 Aug. 1945 -- Japanese unloading supplies dropped by air at the (Omori Prisoner of War Camp, near Tokyo). Photographer: U.S. Army Signal Corps

NOTE: Second man from left is Basil Aldwell. Per email from Penny Grant: "Basil Willington Aldwell is my father, shot down while on a bombing raidon Port Blair in the Andaman Islands, with his Observer Sub Lt. Robert Michael Gunther." See this scan from the All Hands magazine for Nov. 1949. Note that the article states this photo was taken at the Ofuna camp.

Visit to Omori Camp by International Red Cross, 1944

Shinagawa Infirmary

Sept. 1945 -- American supply sheets dropped to prisoners of war at Shinagawa Hospital Camp near (Tokyo, Japan). Photographer: H. Guyon

Ofuna Main Camp



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