Nagoya #5-B Yokkaichi
Formerly Osaka #17

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Time Line:
11 Aug 1944:
Established as Osaka 17-B Branch Camp
6 Apr 1945: Command changed to Nagoya Area Command, Established as Nagoya 5-B
25 May 1945: (date approximate) - 150 men transferred out to Nagoya #7B Toyama
Sept 1945: Rescue effected

Camp Photographs:

See More Images - Absolutely worth viewing the entire collection
Sulphuric Acid Manufacturing

Hell Ship:
Most Americans from the Canadian Inventor and Nissyo Maru

British (25) pending
Dutch - (74) plus 3 deceased transcribed by Mr. Robin Kalhorn
Americans: (196) possibly missing a few names and our count (189) does not match other records. New rescue roster located in RG 407 Box 102 pending transcription (see below PDF file).
Original rosters (PDF)

List of Deceased:
Based upon typewritten report of Lt Col Guy Stubbs, Rg 407 - [This may be in error as Col Stubbs' report clearly states it was Nagoya #7-B but he was sent there after this camp]

Heimbuch, Raymond C., I'm One of the Lucky Ones - I Came Home Alive, Dageforde Publishing, Inc., 2003. POW Camps at Camp Casisang and Davao Penal Colony on Mindanao and Yokkaichi and Toyama in Japan.

Dutch soldier, Frank Samethini, discusses his experience at Yokkaichi before his transfer to another camp, Nag #7 thence to Nagoya #11. Very well written.
Affidavits of Harley E. Shadoan regarding the brutality of the Japanese guards. Provided by his son, Harley E. Shadoan Jr.
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Stories of men:
Biography of Carl Robert Ruse by Timothy Ruse; more can be found here. Book also available: "We Volunteered."
War diary of Dutch POW, F.W. Baumeister, translated into English by daughter, Irene. See this special page on Baumeister and the POW supply air drop of Aug. 30, 1945. See also more on the hospital ship USNHS Rescue.
Camp Layout:
(The following information, made from original documents, is courtesy of Irene Kusnadi-Baumeister, daughter of F.W. Baumeister, at POW camps: Java->Singapore->Thailand Death Railway->Japan.)

Yokkaichi camp layout Translation:
road from the village to the factory

A, B Rooms, 40 men each
W guard
JK Jap office
KP CDT camp cmndr
OKJ Jap reception room
GW armed guard
S shoemaker
K tailor
CT camp dentist
ST stores
JK Jap kitchen
JST Jap stores
K kitchen
BW homeguard
KK dressing room
BK bathroom
WZ waiting room
H hospital
KH hospital office
A pharmacy
RW spare watertank
OFF officers
HP main gate
AP back gate
* guardhouses
. cooking pans
-X- shelters

613 PERSONS of which 6 officers, 10 S.M., 203 non-coms, 394 crew
Dutch=152; English=52; American=409

Relief Supply Air Drops:
By aircraft from HMS Indefatigable on 30 AUG 1945. See this special page on this air drop.

Indefatigable airdrop names
Indefatigable airdrop names