Nagoya POW Camp #3-B

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Funatsu POW Camp, Nagoya # 3
NARA RG 389, Box 2127, Funatsu [Nagoya] #3-B
Originally created as: Osaka 15-B FUNATSU (GIFU-ken, YOSHIKI-gun, FUNATSU-machi)

25 Jun 1944:
Camp Established as Osaka Branch 15 Funatsu
4 Sep 1944: Keeley & Holm diaries state 133 men arrived and moved into a new camp, stockade approx 2500 ft, smelter for lead & zinc
6 Apr 1945: Jurisdictional control transferred to NAGOYA POW CAMP 3-B
6 Aug 1945:
PFC James S. Mann beaten to death
6 Sept 1945:
Rescue effected

Satellite map
Relief map- note nearness of Kamioka

Japanese Camp Staff:

List of Japanese Staff including dates of service.

Limited List of guards at surrender with links to PICTURES of the guards.

Report on Akiyoshu "Tokuichi" TANAKA - Guard charged with war crimes (with photograph) but not on final staff roster. Needs a bit more investigation.
Original documents on guards (PDF).

Travels of Pfc Holger Holm- Corregidor to Funatsu.

Cartee (1) affidavit & (2) Interrogation
affidavit (British) - identifies pictures of guard (Pics linked)
Affidavit (British)- details murder of Mann and other brutalites; identifies guards [pictures]
Affidavit describes death of Mann
Affidavit detailed description of Mann's death by torture, beating and deliberate starvation.
Schwartz Affidavit- regarding severe beating and torture for accepting potato from Japanese cook.
Original documents (PDF) - Cope, Conerly, Clarke, Churchill, Cartee, Burns, Blake, Bartholf, Tanaka

Books Describing Life at Funatsu:
"Of Rice and Men"
by Robert V. Reynolds. Fairly well written by survivor of Bataan. Excellent description of facilities and work at Funatsu. Out of print but can be found through
"Bataan, Only the Beginning" by Earl R. Oatman. Exploits during evasion after surrender, excellent rosters of camp and 34th Pursuit Squadron. Out of print.
Primary Labor Use:
Mining and refining of lead and zinc.

Hell Ships:
Americans arrived 4 September 1944 (train from Moji) from hellship "Canadian Inventor", also known as the "Mati Mati Maru" with 1100 men, 6 deaths en route.
Unknown number of British, Australian etc had arrived earlier ex Hong Kong & Singapore. Some known to have been on the Arimus Maru.
SCAP report on camp conditions
Churchill Affidavit

Camp Rosters (XLS file)
American Roster - Complete - 116 Americans (includes one officer); includes roster of deceased Americans.
British: 203 Men located at NARA RG 407 Boxes 102 and 187. Also includes additional 2 deceased: Guntrip & Lewis.

Extra: Partial Roster from Vern Diary - Includes addresses

Original roster documents
Nagoya and Osaka patients (RG 407 Box 167)
Folder 9: Hospital Roster - Nagoya Camp # 3. Various months, 1945. Recorded on the back of sick reports. Mostly Anglo names. Includes British, Dutch (page 27) and American military & civilian patients.
Folder 10: Hospital Rosters - Osaka POW Camp - 3 Sept. 1945. Includes British, Canadian and Dutch patients.
Folder 11: Non-transferable by sickness - Nagoya POW Camp. August 25, 1945. American patients only.

Camp Photographs:
Special group picture and images of POW's notebook (Courtesy of Vern Holm, son of POW Holger Holm)

Group Photograph - appears to be British and some Aussies
Funatsu Aussies

Panorama photos presented by the daughter of a POW, Katy Hansen McGehee.

More detailed photo: