Bunsho and Hakensho:

A "Bunsho" camp means the camp was fed, clothed, administered and supervised directly by the Army. A "Hakensho" camp means that the company the prisoners worked for would provide the food, do the administration, provide guards, etc. The Army would merely supervise. The company would be responsible for the welfare of the prisoners. The original plan was to make all the camps into "Hakensho", (and) eight were made when the Army found that the plan was not feasible, so the attempt was abandoned.
/S/ Hiroyuki Morita
Doc No 23953, Box 946, RG 331

Location Definitions:

Ken mean prefecture.
Gun means county.
Shi means city.
Machi means town.
Mura means village.
Cho means district in a city, town or village.
NOTE: Machi and Cho are the same Japanese characters, so sometimes Soeda-machi is read Soeda-cho.

Os=Osaka; To=Tokyo; Ry=Ryuku Islands; Ha=Hakodate; Hi= Hiroshima; Fu-Fukuoka; Se=Sendai; NEI=Netherlands East Indies. The number following indicates the sub=branch number. e.g., Hi-4B indicates only that this camp is in the Hiroshima POW Area Command and it may be Branch #4 or it may not the correct number -- the Japanese records were very inaccurate. Sub-camps are specifically indicated by name or number (see Fukuoka).