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In the mid-1990's, Roger Mansell began working on an Internet website in order to share with the world his research on Allied prisoners of war who were held by the Japanese during WWII. In the fall of 2000, he published "a 'hidden' web site for assorted documents, etc., that have been requested by various historians looking at the POWs under the Japanese." He soon afterwards made his website officially public.

In May 2001, I published my website on Fukuoka POW camps. Interestingly, Roger's first comments about my site were, "The detail I found was on this site... I am not sure whether this info is backed by official records." We soon started corresponding and began sharing our research with each other -- a friendship that developed into a strong bond known only among historians of the same mind.

Just before Roger passed away in the fall of 2010, he contributed all his research and artifacts to the Hoover Institution (see his collection), and he published his book, Captured: The Forgotten Men of Guam. But perhaps the greatest legacy he left was when he decided to hand over his website to Dwight Rider and myself -- his dying wish was to have his work continue. And it certainly has. I have since combined my website with his at, which is now comprised of some 1,250 webpages containing approximately 3,500 images and over 900 doc, pdf, excel, and txt files. In Oct. 2015, I migrated over to my website on the ethnic Japanese in the US prior to and during WWII.

As you know, all of our efforts have been and continue to be volunteer. I personally have maintained and further developed the website, spending tens of thousands of hours gathering thousands of documents and images, transcribing some of them into searchable text (assisted also by volunteers in transcription work), searching through a variety of fuzzy images and documents for information and clues in response to the hundreds of inquiries we've receive. Due to time constraints, I am now simply collating and uploading the archival documents I have in my ever-growing files, and leave the character recognition up to the searchbots, which are increasingly getting much better at picking out text in PDF files.

Over the years, countless individuals have been helped in their own research by what Roger, Dwight and I have sent them or have posted; you can read excerpts from their emails below, just a fraction, I might add, of the hundreds of emails received. There are some who benefit from these webpages we never hear from again, but we do know that our work is not in vain. Many have used the data we've sent to write college manuscripts, magazine/news articles or books of their own, and to also produce slide shows, DVD's, films and other presentations. All at no cost.

And it is our privilege to do so. We continue to receive a lot of data from individuals who want to share their documents, images and artifacts with others. They see the need to let others like themselves know more about their relatives and friends who were POWs. It is an honor to be able to post these stories for the world to see and to learn -- that those amazing men and women may never be forgotten.

We need your help, that we may help hundreds more and enable this website to continue to evolve and become even more of a valuable tool in the hands of researchers, especially those seeking information about their loved ones who were Allied POWs during WWII.

How To Support Our Work

There are several ways to send funds:
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For those who want to do even more, consider helping me out with a trip to the National Archives, or the Japanese archives in Tokyo, or to be able pay someone to do the legwork for me. Much more can be accomplished, such as setting up POW camp memorial sites within Japan, printing up study booklets for use in classrooms, etc.

Thank you for being a part of this ever-growing work! Your support will ensure that our POW friends will never be forgotten and will continue to be an inspiration to us all.

Excerpts from emails

In closing, you can sure say that you have "made my day" - in fact you have "made my whole month"! This news of your finds at the Archives is wonderful - I can't tell you again enough how thrilled I am and how happy you have made me that you have found and copied these articles for me. I owe you a great debt of thanks. When I tell the other members of the committee I know they will be thrilled with your efforts as well, and thanks in advance from all of them too... thank you once again from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for me and the work we are doing... to remember those men who suffered so much. M.H.

Wow! The images have great resolution. Thank you so much. I appreciate all your work. P.N.

You were kind enough to help me with a query about my aunt, a civilian internee. With your information, I have been able to discover a lot more about her life. Thank you once again. P.B.

Thank you for your very quick reply. Your information has been very helpful and me and my family are very grateful. F.S.

Your web site is a great service to others. T.L.

Mr. Mansell was the first individual I was able to find who expressed an interest in getting copies of these reports -- he has my family’s gratitude for all the work he has done in documenting the Allied POW history of the war. I’d like to extend that same gratitude to you all as well. Thanks to people like you, the history of the POWs is being properly recorded. M.D.

I hope the above information is of some help to you and, again, thank you for reading about my father and taking the time to write. I love him very much and miss him terribly. It was very thoughtful and nice of you to write and let us know that his story is being read and he is being remembered. C.J.

Thank you for all the work you have done to preserve the memory of a few who gave so much. V.H.

Thanks again. The ----- stuff is pure gold. I wish I had be able to access it when I was writing my first book. His prewar letters and journal are a wonderful resource. I owe you so much for the treasures you sent me. I am willing to assist you in any way I can. G.U.

Your package arrived yesterday! -----'s family will be so excited. I am making each of them copies. They can try to get a hold of some of the survivors, keeping in mind the list is 6 years old. But I was thrilled. History in my hands! Thank you! You sure are a great wealth of information to me! L.D.

Such a wonderful site for the POW's. Thank you so much for the information and the correction of the first captured Americans during WWII. B.

My dear grandfather, who is still alive and well today, was a POW in Japan. Not knowing much about the whole subject I decided to find out more on the internet. Naturally I chanced upon your site and, I have to say, was very impressed at the information provided. Furthermore, I was amazed to find the complete list of prisoners of war. It filled me with pride to see the old boy`s name amongst the others. I congratulate you on this. S.P.

I am fascinated with what you sent me relating to Tanagawa. M.

Thanks for taking the time to reply to a stranger. It is much appreciated. B.C.

I can't thank you enough for your time and effort. I think this puts this issue to rest for us. L.M.

Yesterday as I was sitting here painfully typing with one finger, the list I had of Aussies, I noticed the mailman deliver some thing to our mail box. When I retrieved this mail I was delighted to receive your mail posted in States, so the old snail mail is still reliable. I then had a couple of hours break, while I enjoyed regenerating the old memory cells reading the lists of names and trying to put faces to the names. My age will be 81 on the 21st of March, as I was callow youth of 19 when I joined the Army. Again thanks for your trouble of sending the list. I really appreciate your efforts. R.H.

It's kinda like I am unraveling a mystery and have enjoyed the search and talking with nice helpful men like yourself. Thanks so much for your help. You should be commended for your efforts for the veterans. I am grateful for everyone last one of them and I am very very interested in learning as much as I can (like you say before time runs out). Thank you so much for your help thus far. H.G.

I now know, after looking further into the site, that Fukoako and Fuksako are one in the same. As soon as I saw the nickname of "Pine Tree Camp", I knew I had the right one. The stories that I have been reading, have made me cry. I don't know that I could have withstood what our servicemen went through. My uncle has never talked a whole lot about all the things that went on, and I am not sure he will now, but I am going to try and get him to tell me about things that he remembers, so I can send it to you. I am also going to "call" my congressman, "again" about compensation to POW's. C.W.

Truly a labour of Hercules... and I've only had a glimpse into the stygian stable. J.R.

Again you have made wonderful progress on the site. P.F.

Thank you for all the information you've just written to me. Your information has been invaluable. Thank you for your work in preserving this important part of our history. P.B.

Congratulations on your remarkable website. M.D.

You are a superb soldier/supporter and counsellor extraordinaire! Particularly encouraging are your analyses. D.A.

We are back online and I had a chance to spend some time on your website. Wow! I am really amazed and impressed with the material you have. I did print some pages for my files! Thank you very much. A.M.

Thank you for that information - each piece is another in the jigsaw of information in understanding what my father went through in his 3 years and 8 months as a POW. I am interested that a Center like yours actually exists. F.P.

You really started something when you passed on my query re Fukushima Camp - we have been emailing each other daily since, exchanging photos and bits of information and I think both parties feel delighted to have learnt of the other's interest. M.D.

It is truly through the diligence and commitment of researchers such as yourself, that the memory of those servicemen, and civilians, who gave their lives for our country during World War II are not forgotten. B.A.

I'm honoured that you have remembered my father in this way. Keep up the great work on the site. I shall visit regularly. A.R.

First of all, thank you for all the material that you have sent. We really appreciate the fascinating research done. G.

Thank you so much for creating a site that can be remembered. I look forward to the completion of your site. S.B.

Thanks for you efforts on my behalf... it's all coming together. J.

Fascinating, absolutely fascinating, please send me more details about your Center for Research, Allied POWs under Japan. M.P.

Great site!!!!!! M.K.

Marvelous site! I think you're doing a wonderful job documenting the POW camps in Japan. Best wishes and keep up the good work. J.M.

Your present site is very useful for many ex-pows to contact. T.N.

You have been a great help to me in getting me materials from NARA and I value your input and assistance, and I would certainly like to work together with you to tell more of the POWs' story. M.H.

Your website has more technical information than I ever knew of my grandfather. Keep up the great work. J.A.

I just found your web site, and I can only sum up the information therein with a "WOW!" Wonderful work! I will definitely be watching for updates! B.G.

You have done great work with your website. J.P.

Words cannot capture the emotion I felt while reading the mail I received from you regarding my grandfather. Thank you so very much for the information you returned for me. R.C.

Thanks for all the effort you have put into getting complete lists of the various camps, etc. R.H.

You folks have a great site and do a tremendous service in remembrance. Thanks again for all your info and insight. J.A.

I would like to thank you ever so much for taking an interest in the experiences of this great man, and it is my hope that we can keep the memory of him alive. P.P.

Thank you so much for your response. There is so much I don't know about what my father suffered. He would never talk about it. He gave so much and suffered in silence. Thank you again for the information. G.M.

WOW!!!! What a goldmine you are! D.M.

Just thought I'd let you know that an "old-timer" came in today, a big history buff, a former Marine and somebody who knew ----- when he was growing up here in -----. I showed him the picture you'd sent and I thought his eyeballs we're going to pop out of his head. It was neat to see his reaction and how much people appreciate the efforts of folks like you who want to keep the past alive. S.J.

I was amazed to find your site with my father listed as a POW at Funatsu. Goodness, what a batch of memories your website brought up. Thanks for doing this. A.L.

It was so good of you to capture me in the research room and tell me all about your POW efforts. I really like what you have done with your website and I admire your energy in getting it all together. S.S.

Good luck with your researches; fascinating website you have developed. B.P.

Thanks for the explanation and congratulations again on a fine web site. I am particularly impressed by your idea of involving school children. I have always been dismayed that children learn so little about World War II in school and that they learn virtually nothing of the treatment that our U.S. forces received at the hands of the Japanese. J.L.

Thank you for all of your hard work - it means a great deal to my father to be recognized and remembered. K.M.

Our "labor of love" on the roster and story of Hanawa as ----- experienced it was rewarded sufficiently by knowing you have worked long and hard in organizing and getting this website begun. Our goal was to help get the information out to the world after so many years of silence and going unnoticed. J.M.

Many, many thanks for the package. The info is absolutely fascinating and I shall treasure it. I really do appreciate your time and trouble. C.B.

I enjoyed your knowledge of the camps and it is evident from your website that you have done a great and factual job on the research end. Thank you so much for the CD that contained the pictures of the POW camps. I really appreciate what you have sent, they are very helpful in my research of Dad's past. A.O.

There are some great new things on your site which I intend to have a look at as soon as I can. It's great to be working together with someone like yourself who has the same goals in mind - to tell the true story and remember the men! M.H.

Your material finally arrived here yesterday. I can only assume that our postal service is exhaustively testing all overseas mail for anthrax traces. But boy, it is worth the wait. Dynamite, as you suggested. It appears to fill in every little gap in my own prior understanding of the situation, and clears up a few annoying disparities in information from other sources. Thanks to you I have the exact date and a few other details... Thanks very much indeed for your generosity and persistence. M.D.

Thanks again to you and your webmaster for the photos of Itchioka. They are wonderful and crispy clear. Someday I will be traveling your way and would like to meet with you. E.P.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! That's him; the unique spelling of his middle name is the give-away. I don't know how to thank you enough!! I'll do my best to get a photo for your data base. Thanks again for your help! R.K.

I do appreciate all the help you've given me. M.

Thanks for all your hard work. Hang in there. H.

Thanks for the information. I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to do the research for me. B.S.

The roster you sent me is fabulous. It really completes the info I have on the people who were in Kobe House. Thanks much! I have reached the ripe old age of 87 and expect to be around for some time more. I enjoy hearing from you, especially the material you have sent to me. Keep 'em flying! A.L.

Thank you for your web site, and thank you for your time and love in keeping their memories alive. May God Bless you. P.B.

Fantastic website! T.P.

Thanks for all the information you sent. It certainly brought back lots of old memories. R.H.

You have been a wonderful resource and kind man in dealing with this, Roger. It was a leap of faith and a bit of a risk for me to reach out in this way and you have made it easy. Again, thank you for all you have given me about my dad found in your research. That, as they say, is priceless. May the good Lord bless you in the coming year. S.L.

Thank you very much for your help and for what you are doing for the POWs. S.B.

Thank you. Your website is wonderful. M.P.

I just discovered your wonderful website on Hanawa, which is where my late uncle was during the war. I want to thank you SO much for all the work you did to compile this info. The gripping stories have made me understand a lot more of what these heroes endured. M.S.

Thank you for having an informative research page. D.G.

Your work is so extremely valuable, both for history and for the descendants of those men. If ever I get back out to Cal I will apply for a job with you!! M.C.

First, thank for your website, the this rich resource has provided me with valuable information. People like you... are worth your weight in gold for ex-POW's and their descendants. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your dedication and time. J.B.

Thank you for your time and effort compiling the information found at “Center for Research Allied POWS under the Japanese”. S.H.

I have used your site to learn more about my uncle as he still talks very little about his experience in WWII. I want to thank you for all your research and efforts to compile this site as it has given me insight as to what he went through. Again, thank you for your site and your mission regarding POW's. R.P.

I greatly appreciate the information you provided about my grandfather. I wish he had told me more about his time in the camps in Japan but he chose to keep this experience to himself and I didn't feel that it was my place to probe him about any details. You provided a huge amount of information that I never could have acquired any other way. Your efforts to keep the POW experience alive is greatly appreciated by the families of the POW's. Once again, thank you so very much Mr. Mansell. If there is anything I can ever do for you, please don't hesitate to ask. I am always at your service. Keep up the great work! M.B.

Thank you for all the work you do to keep the memory of the Allied POWs alive. J.K.

I also wanted to introduce you to a great man I have yet to meet personally who has worked tirelessly on behalf of American Ex-Prisoners of War. His name is Roger Mansell. He hosts a web site titled "Center for Research - Allied POWS under the Japanese." Because of the information he has posted on the Internet, I was able to confirm the correct name of Dad’s camp and found a name list. I printed them and mailed to Dad who was so appreciative!! Dad said that he never knew until I sent him the lists the name of the camp he was in and he could finally clear his mind wondering about the names of the other prisoners in his camp. He said it was a great relief to answer questions that had gone unanswered for over 60 years. Thank you, Roger, for your incredible effort. You are a great American. J.A.

You web site is really incredible, my mother will be thrilled to see it. It's a shame that most of the men missed out on this kind of access to information. Thanks for all your efforts. L.B.

Thank you for having the site. It means a lot to the survivors and their families -- to find out more about their whereabouts, the hardship they endured, the lives they lived and gave so we could be free. M.D.

You are a star! Such a quick result - amazing! Many many thanks. I have emailed my friend and I hope she can confirm that they are indeed the friends she was referring to. It seems almost certain. This is just great. My admiration for your amazing website. Since searching for my Dad's info I have bumped into your site just about all over the place, so everybody seems to have found you. I only wish I had had access to the internet and your site before my Dad died 10 years ago - he was keen to read up on everything and he would have found this fascinating. L.R.

I was very excited to find your website today, as my father ----- was captured on Bataan, and was a prisoner at O'Donnell, Cabanatuan, Hitachi, Zentsuji, and Rokuroshi. I was especially excited at seeing his entry in the Hitachi camp page describing the passage from the Philippines to Japan -- as he recounted to me, the last ship to get through without being torpedoed. I will continue to examine your interesting website. Sometimes it seems as though with the passing of time, the sacrifices made by these men and women during WWII will be dimmed, and I congratulate you on organizing this material on the internet. I only wish that my dad had had the opportunity to see these materials on the website, as he was a great computer and internet aficionado, and would have been thrilled to see much of this material in an accessible forum – especially the pictures of Rokuroshi. He would have probably had some corrections if certain things didn't seem to be presented the way he felt they had happened, he was just the kind of a person who liked to “set the record straight”! Thank you for organizing and presenting this material! E.G.

Your information though general in nature does help me to draw an almost complete picture of the main events of the years following the fall of Hong Kong I am most grateful for your help. May you... continue to inform the world of those events as they should never be forgotten. J.C.

It was good to see you again at our National Convention in Washington. We owe you a debt of gratitude for your efforts to inform us and our Descendants by searching the archives for desired information regarding our past endeavors. ----- gave you special recognition at our banquet on Monday evening -- sorry you weren't present for this recognition. Keep up the ever ongoing searches, it means so much to us and our families. Thanks again for all your really important work. E.R.

You gave me the flash memory in Washington, DC. Thank you very much. It was such a huge memory I had never seen like that before. You will never know how grateful we feel for your kindness and generosity. N.N.

I would like to give my thanks to Roger Mansell, Director of the Center for Research, Allied POWS Under the Japanese. He is a noted historian on the mistreatment and status of Allied Prisoners of War during World War II. He is a great resource and hosts an excellent website. B.B.