Deaths in Transit
Tailoan (Taiwan) Maru - Aug-Sep 1944 

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British Imperial War Museum: Misc. 102, Item 1600
List of FEPOWS who died on the Tailoan Maru
Aug-Sept 1944

Written in Dutch "Taiwan Maru" from Amahei (Ceram), Haroekoe en Liang (Ambon) sickdraft 600 man, vertrokken(departed) 5 Aug 1944 van Ambon en Ontschrrpt (arrived) 3 Sep 1933 te Soerabaja en 5 Sep 1944 in Kamp Makassar [additions by Roger Mansell, Center For Research]

Note: "inanity" is Dutch for "Inanition"- Exhaustion for want of nourishment. To die from inanition is to die from exhaustion caused by starvation. (

James, Roland William, LAC POW #12560, RAF 1012167 [242 Sqdn] , etc Grimsley England, died 44.08.08 of beri beri

Morley, Allen Ivan,Anti Aircraft, POW #1254, RAF [211 Sqdn] 1202564,West Halham Derbyshire, died 44.08.15 of cardiac beri beri

Gilligan, John, Anti Aircraft [Gunner 21 Lt. A.A. Regt.], POW #13330, Army #11263042, died 44.08.18 0900 hrs beri beri; ziekten: inanity; Liverpool England

Smyth, George Paton, Army Capt RASC [attd. 77 H.A.A. Regt.], Regt # 71369, died 11:30 hrs 44.08.20 of enteritis, ziekten: inanity en dysenterie. Ex Ambon

Read, Frank Lewis- Army trooper [3rd King's Own Hussars] POW #12992. Army #7904100, died 0600 hrs 44.08.21 enteritis, ziekten: inanity; Mitcham Surrey England

Jaggard, Arthur John; LAC [929588] RAF [151 MU], POW #819; ex Liang died 44.08.21 at 0845 hrs enteritis, ziekten: inanity

King Leonard Thomas- Navy Petty Officer, [D/K66543] ex NEPTUNA", POW 308. Died 44.08.23 at 11:20 uur v.m.; ziekten: inanity; St Austall, Cornwall England

Perryer, Harold James- CPO, RN (HMS Jupiter), DMX46556, POW 269 Haroekoe; died 44.08.24 te 2 uur 's nachts, buried at sea (Kranji Memorial); ex Ambon Celebes; Peverell, Plymouth, Devon England

Nunn, Derrick Edward- LAC RAF [RIMU] #1260470; died 44.08.24 at 430 hrs uur v.m. of beri beri; Isle of Ely-banks England

Starkie, William J.- LAC RAF; POW # 12621, RAF 1004596; [RAF Tengah] died 44.08.24 at 0600 hrs uur vm; Doodsoorzaak en ziekte: Darmbloeding. Adres en verdere gegevens Onbekend

Gilmour, John - LC (Soldier) Army;service # [7901289, 3rd King's Own Hussars], ziekten: inanity en berri beri [Glasgow]

Ward, Alfred William- Corporal RAF [605 Sqdn] 1168448 ex Ambon. Died 44.08.25 at 0630 uur v.m. of enteritis.

Baker, Erick William- RAF [Kuala Lumpur] Corp #954767 ex Liang (Ambon); died 44.08.25 at 0745 vn of beri beri; Rushden-Northends england

Shamier, Fernand- Mil Soldaat, Nederlander, POW #12122. died 44.08.26 at 1100 hrs v.m.;of enteritis and inanity

Grauf, Paul Alexander- Lst Soldaat (Lst Afd Madioen) Nederlander; died 44.08.26 at 1910 uur of enteritis

Bold, Joseph- L Bmdr, English Light Arty [79 Bty., 21 Lt. A.A. Regt., Service # 1835288], Died 44.08.27 at 0200 uur vm of beri beri; St Helens, Lancashire England

Davidsz, William Edwin- Lst Soldaar.Lst.Afd.Soerabaja; died 44.08.27 at 0120 uur vm of beri beri; Bendoredjo Java

Mc Entyre, John: LAC RAF [153 MU] 1063346 ex Liang (Ambon) died 44.08.28 at 0130 vm; no diagnosis stated

Harnett, Laurence "Larry": Corp RAF 211Sqn 625750 ex Haroekoe, Liang (Ambon); died 44.08.28 at 0210 hrs of dysentery and beri beri; Kranji Memorial; Kerry Eire

Falconer, [Leslie Charles Gilling]: AC1, RAF [242 Sqdn] 1002213; ex hospital on Haroekoe; died 44.08.29 at 0300 hrs of beri beri; 13 Comeli Bark Edenburgh

Birch, Edward: AC2 RAF [81 RSU], #1087236, POW #806, ex hospital on Haroekoe (big Ambon); died 44.08.30 of enteritis; Burton on Trent, England

Noakes, John Percival: Army Heavy Anti Aircraft [239 Bty., 77 H.A.A. Regt.] # 5337489; died 44.08.28 of entritis; Reading Bershire England

Johnson, Robert Walter: AC1, RAF [Alor Star] 1280302 ex hospital Liang (Ambon) died 44.09.01 at 1510 of cardiac beri beri; Camberwell London England

Cowan, John Muir: AC2 RAF [Seletar] 1040671, POW #12894 ex hospital Liang (Ambon) died 44.09.03 at 0645 beri beri; Doncaster Yorkshire England

Murgatroyd, Reginald: Corp RAF #1112422, died 44.09.03 at 0645 hrs from beri beri; Doncaster Yorkshire England

Stapleton, Arthur Thomas: LAC, RAF POW [RIMU] #876 ex hospital Liang (Ambon) RAF #953370; died 44.09.03 at 1900 hrs beri beri; died on train to Soerabaja; Nottingham England

Burke, Robert Ernest: LAC RAF [Seletar] POW #12547, RAF #1274478; died 0200 hrs of beri beri 44.09.04 (Japs said 0230 on 3rd); Farnham Surrey England

Report signed /s/ G.P.C. le Clereq
Ber. Kapitein der Mil. Admie: