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Click for larger photo80-G-490451: Cmdr. Arthur L. Maher, senior survivor of the USS Houston and senior prisoner at Amori headquarters camp, Ohuna, talking with Lt. Cdr. W.L. Schafer, (MC), aboard the USS Benevolence (AH-13). Cmdr. Nahar said prisoners were subjected to illegal methods of questioning. 29 Aug 1945

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Click for larger photo80-G-701008: Survivors of the ill fated USS Houston, (CL-30) upon their arrival in Washington, DC via the Army's Air Transport Command on a flight which began in Karachi, India, soon after their liberation. (l-r-kneeling) George Chapman, GM3; Bernard Kocher, SN1; Russell Fitzgerald, FN2; Melvin H. Mahlandt FCM1; William Ingram, SN2 and Harold Vintje, FN2. (l-r-standing)Walter Schneck, MUS2; Alex Wolos, SN1; Grill Douglas, PHM3; (leaning)- Arnold W. Momberg, CY; Elmer F. McFadden, GN2; Richard S. Hulz, SM3; John Stanczak, SM3; and Ernest Coderre, WT1. 18 Sep 1945

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