Agaņa Plaza

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Also known as Susanna Plaza, it was the scene of the only battle to occur in the Japanese seizure of Guam, just before dawn, Wednesday, 10 December 1941. During this battle, the bombing for the previous two days and the landing on the beaches, 17 American military men and Guamanian Insular Guard men died. Over 200 Japanese were to die in the short battle on the plaza. Most of the Japanese entered the plaza from the north and northwest, the last shots being fired from behind the Government House.

See VIRTUAL GUAM- panoramic views of Guam today

The CAD images below are constructed from original construction plans (before any modifications), miscellaneous pictures from books and from aerial photos taken just before the recapture by the Americans in 1945.

A "Fly Over" movie, 2.6 MB avi files, (VMRL) is now available on the plaza plan site. There is a 400Kb zip file for downloading if you do not have DSL. It is best to download the zip file and view later.

Click to enlarge and see links to virtual recreation of plaza Basic Plan of Plaza
Click here or on plan to see views
Three dimensional images from 5 angles plus a "Fly Over" movie of the plaza.
Created by Avalos Arquitectos Y Asociados, Cabo San Lucas, B.S, Mexico

Other Images Aerial Pictures of Guam Plaza and Orote Peninsula before and after American recapture. Ask for scans.
Fly Over Movie, 3-D 3-D "Flyover" of recreated virtual plaza