American POWS
Tokyo Branch 16 (Kanose)

Kanose Main
Source: RG 407 Box 188 Tokyo Rosters [Mansell NARA 7]; Waddington Report [NARA 8]
One Officer (Hewitt) and 49 enlisted men arrived from Tokyo #02D Mistsushima, later renamed 12B. One medical orderly (Kingen POW #102) and one medical officer (Robinson, POW #207) later arrived from Shinagawa Hospital. One man died (in BOLD Red) Transcribed and cross checked with NARA POW Data Base by Roger Mansell, Director.

Name, Rank, Service No., Unit, POW#, Notes

Hewitt, Walter John,Capt,O&338977,12th Sigs (PS),1
Robinson, Donald W.,Capt,O&380999,57th Inf Regt (PS),207; arrived 28 Jan 1945 from Shinagawa Hospital
Enlisted Ranks:
Aikin, James Taylor,Pvt,15045534,17th Ord (Amd),44
Atnip, Beverley Franklin,Pvt,18052228,59th G,45
Atwell, John Rowlins,Cpl,37042049,194th Tank Hq,12
Bandish, William E.,Cpl,6971025,27 BG (L) Hq,13
Bass, James Ozzie "Sam",S Sgt,6227209,24 Purs Gp 34 Purs Sqn,7
Berry, Cullen Wilkerson,Pvt,6250483,27 BG (L) Hq,46
Bolin, Bedford Forrest,Pvt,34049133,803rd Eng Hq,47
Brancaticano, Frank,Pvt,6893549,31st Inf E,48, Died 20 June 1944 from starvation
Braun, Mather Baxter,Pvt,32045386,192nd Tank Hq,49
Brokaw, Glenn Dale,Sgt,20900657,194th Tank C,31
Chavez, Miguel Narviz "Mike",Sgt,20842496,515th Hq,32
Cupp, Burlen Clayton,PFC,35001552,192nd Tank,15
Dement, David Allen,PFC,14014567,27 BG (L) 16 BS,16
Duncan, Joseph Johnson,Sgt,20843956,200th G,34
Dunn, Eugene Cecil,Cpl,6972998,27 BG (L) 16 BS,14
Ennis, Earle Edward,Pvt,19052117,803rd Eng Hq,20
Fields, Bernard Anthony,Pvt,7040173,17th Ord (AMD),21
Gavord, Charles Bourgeon,PFC,20842474,60th C,17
Goff, Marshall Wayne,1 Sgt,6253514,429th Sig Maint Co,3
Grassick, Paul Alexander,PFC,35001515,192nd Tank C,19
Holstein, Arthur Jay,Sgt,20900721,194th Tank C,35
Hyde, Revis Charles,PFC,6396050,803rd Eng C,37
Ivy, John,Sgt,6265784,27 BG (L) 48 Mat,8
Johnson, Leo Leslie "Lee",S Sgt,6980422,19 BG (H) 28 BS,24
Jones, Eugene,Cpl,6292899,31st Inf,33
Jones, Verble Lee,Pvt,19015688,59th D,22; [known as the camp bully per Gordon]
Klassen, Ray Joseph,T Sgt,6565295,HD M&SB Hq,4
Kolilis, Fred Louis,Pvt,20956487,194th Tank Hq,23
Lilly, Donald Clifford,PFC,15061732,31st Inf B,38
Lujan, Errett Louis,Cpl,20843147,515th C,36
Marble, Verner Berner,Sgt,6977685,HD M&SB Hq,9
Martindale, Don Allen,Pvt,19050911,19 BG (H) 7 Mat,18
McGill, Raymond Hayden,Pvt,38022993,17th Ord (Amd),50
Mitchell, Arthur Jesse,S Sgt,6864512,31st Inf 3 Bn Hq,25
Pratt, Dorris Robert,S Sgt,6960136,5th Interceptor,26
Richards, William Roy,PFC,18049853,31st Inf,39
Rogers, Joel Lee,Sgt,38011946,515th H,10
Rouse, Samuel James,S Sgt,6842414,,27
Roy, John Cabbell,T Sgt,6896934,USFEAF Hq,40
Silver, Alvin,Pvt,12026748,AWS Sig PD,5
Snodgrass, Clifton Otto,1 Sgt,6824973,803rd Eng Hq,6 (PIC)
Spencer, Paul Richard,PFC,18050440,31st Inf,41
Stanford, Kenneth Drinkard,S Sgt,6265574,24 Purs Gp 20 Purs Sqn,28
Sutterfield, James Edward,S Sgt,14002078,27 BG (L) 48 Mat,29
Vallerga, Simone Nicola,PFC,19052525,59th F,42
Williams, Russell Awbrey,PFC,6270737,27 BG (L) 48 Mat,43
Wilson, Francis Elbert "Frank",S Sgt,38012385,515th D,30
Wilson, Jack Dudley,Sgt,6286742,27 BG (L) Hq,11
Kingen, Harold "Harry",PFC,19052225,Ft Mills Hosp,102; arrived 12 June 1944 from Shinagawa Hospital