British POWS
Tokyo Branch 16 (Kanose)

Kanose Main
Source: RG 407 Box 188 Tokyo Rosters
One Officer (Chater POW #2) and 49 enlisted (other ranks) men arrived from Tokyo #02D Mitsushima, later renamed 12B. A similar number of Americans arrived at the same time. All POWS from #102 arrived at a later date. Deceased are noted in BOLD red.

First Group [Arrived Kanose on 16 April 1944]  Number 2 and Numbers 51-100 
Second Group [Arrived Kanose on 29 June 1944] Numbers 101 to 208 - includes Medical staff arriving 12 Jun 1944


Chater, Leslie Hilton,Flt Lt,AHQ,2 Video Interview
Other Ranks:
Baker, Ronald Bernard Hartley,LBdr,21 AA (L) 79 Btry,72
Barry, James,AC1C,AHQ,81
Botting, James John Arthur,Cpl,AHQ,73
Brenchley, Harry,Gnr,21 AA (L) 79 Btry,92
Brown, Victor Percy,Gnr,21 AA (L) 79 Btry,94
Brown, William Henry,Gnr,21 AA (L) 79 Btry,88
Buchan, John Ford,Gnr,21 AA (L) 79 Btry,68; died from burns on 1 Mar 1945 of burns in 9 March factory accident
Chalmers, James Calder,AC1C,41st Air Stores PArk,64
Collins, Edwin Ernest,LBdr,21 AA (L) 79 Btry,83
Collins, Eric Terence Charles,AC1C,36 TB Sqn,57
Compton, Arthur Frank,Bdr,21 AA (L) 79 Btry,82; Killed en route home in B-24 crash on Taiwan 10 Sept, B24J "Ginny"
Connell, Walter,Gnr,21 AA (L) 79 Btry,93
Cooper, Harry,Gnr,21 AA (L) 79 Btry,96
Cowell, Bert Alfred,Gnr,21 AA (L) 79 Btry,91
Crowdell, Oliver,Gnr,21 AA (L) 79 Btry,70; died from burns on 28 Mar 1945 from burns in 9 March factory accident
Desert, George A.,Gnr,21 AA (L) 79 Btry,97
Doolan, Michael J.A.,Gnr,21 AA (L) 79 Btry,95
Duffy, James,LAC,Seletar,63
Eaton, William Henry,Cpl,AHQ,61
Findlay, William James,LAC,100 Sqn,51
Flindall, Eric George,Gnr,21 AA (L) 79 Btry,99
Flynn, Hugh,Cpl,242 Sqn,74
Foskett, Desmond,LAC,36 TB Sqn,71
Foster, John,Gnr,21 AA (L) 79 Btry,89; died from burns on 11 Mar 1945 from burns in 9 March factory accident
Gilbert, William Leonard,Cpl,Tengah,79
Head, Arthur Mairice,Cpl,STC attached 151 MU,56
Hill, Frederick,Cpl,AHQ,78
Llewellyn, Idris George,Cpl,36 Sqn,77
McDonald, Harold,Cpl,242 Sqn,60
McLauchlan, Charles,Gnr,21 AA (L) 79 Btry,86
Milligan, Alexander,AC1C,41st Air Stores PArk,66
Mills, John,Gnr,21 AA (L) 79 Btry,67
Murray, Gerald,Gnr,21 AA (L) 79 Btry,69
Pedder, Edward James,Gnr,21 AA (L) 79 Btry,87
Perry, Richard,Flt Sgt,100 Sqn,80
Preston, Leslie Byard,Cpl,AHQ,59
Quays, Gerald Anthony,AC2c,STC attached 153 MU,54
Quennell, William J.H.,LBdr,21 AA (L) 79 Btry,84
Reed, Albert Howard,Gnr,21 AA (L) 79 Btry,98
Reynolds, Thomas Charles,AC1C,41st Air Stores PArk,65
Rogers, Harold Geoffrey,Cpl,,62
Rose, William Cyril,Sgt,AHQ,55
Sawyer, Edward George James,LSgt,21 AA (L) 79 Btry,76
Simmonds, Osmond Henry,Cpl,242 Sqn,58
Smith, Frank Lionel,Cpl,AHQ,52
Stokoe, Harry Henry,Gnr,21 AA (L) 79 Btry,100
Telford, John Edward,Gnr,21 AA (L) 79 Btry,90
Train, Herbert,AC1C,81st Repair & Salvage,75 [81 RSU]
Whitley, Richard Harold,1st Sgt,100 Sqn,53

Second Group [Arrived 29 June 1944] POW Numbers 101 to 208   First Group

First Medical Staff: [arrived from Shinagawa on 12 June 1944; included Kingen, an American]
Laing, John Joseph,Ship Surgeon,SS Nankin,101
Wilkinson, Henry,Pte,RAMC,103


Jannis, Morris,Capt,55th Inf Brgde,104
Robinson, James Edward Cammell,Capt,,208 [date of arrival unknown]
Other Ranks:
Aitken-Quack, Harold,Pte,Jahore Vol (Eng),155
Allen, William,Pte,Royal Norfolk 4 Bn,204
Askew, Arthur James,Pte,Royal Norfolk 6 Bn,135
Bacon, Edward Frederick,Sgt,Army Catering Corps,112
Baker, Frank,Pte,Royal Norfolk 4 Bn,194
Baker, James Gordon,Pte,Royal Norfolk 6 Bn,183
Balmforth, Herbert,Sigmn,RCOS (South Area),186
Barnard, Kenneth Arthur,Pte,Royal Norfolk 6 Bn,199
Beament, Ronald Alec,Pte,Royal Norfolk 6 Bn,203
Bedder, George Harold Charles,Pte,Royal Norfolk 4 Bn,173
Bennington, Silvester Jack,Pte,Royal Norfolk 6 Bn,198
Boon, Walter Sidney,Pte,Suffolk 5 Bn,153
Brand, Ernest Henry,Dvr,560 Field Coy (RE),148
Brocklehurst, Frank,Pte,288 Field Coy (Eng),185
Bush, Charles James,Pte,Suffolk 4 Bn,189
Byford, Francis Howard,Cpl,Suffolk 4 Bn,118
Cason, Frederick Towns,Pte,Royal Norfolk 6 Bn,168
Chambers, Frederick James,Pte,Royal Norfolk 6 Bn,166
Collison, Frederick,Pte,Royal Norfolk 5 Bn,195
Cranston, Raymond Charles,LCpl,East Surrey Inf Regt 2 Bn,126
Davis, Arthur William,Sgt,Royal Norfolk 6 Bn,108
Davis, Frederick,Pte,East Surrey Inf Regt 2nd Bn,159
Dedman, Henry Victor,Pte,Royal Norfolk 6 Bn,201
Dickerson, Charles James,Pte,Suffolk 5 Bn,176
Dixon, Philip Frederick,LCpl,1st leiccester Inf Regt,125
Driver, Jonas Walter,Pte,Suffolk 5 Bn,150
Dulling, Stewart Mervyn,Pte,Suffolk 5 Bn,182
Facey, Albert,LCpl,Suffolk 5 Bn,128
Fell, Ronald,Pte,Suffolk 5 Bn,161
Filby [Falby?], Derek Furgnal John,Pte,Royal Norfolk 4 Bn,175
Flower, Albert Edward,Pte,Suffolk 5 Bn,151
Franklin, Norman,Pte,Suffolk 5 Bn,149
Friend, Basil Lloyd,Pte,Suffolk 5 Bn,139
Giddens, Samual Richard,Pte,Suffolk 5 Bn,171
Grant, Alexander Dow,Sgt,Jahore Vol (Eng),107
Hale, Stanley Bertram,Pte,53rd Inf Brgde,143
Hand, Douglas,Pte,Royal Norfolk 6 Bn,184
Hart, Harry,Cpl,560 Field Coy (Eng),116
Hemmings, Reginald,Cpl,560 Field Coy (Eng),115
Hicks, Albert Henry,Pte,Royal Norfolk 6 Bn,154
Hill, Robert Frank,Pte,Suffolk 4 Bn,179
Hindle, Alfred John Philip,Pte,Royal Norfolk 6 Bn,202
Hirst, Percy Raymond,Pte,Suffolk 5 Bn,152
Hodds, Stanley Jack,Colour Sgt,Royal Norfolk 6 Bn,105
Howe, Richard B.,Cpl,Suffolk 5 Bn,117
Ingle, Harry Russell,Sgt,Suffolk 5 Bn,110
Jarvis, Arthur Robert,Cpl,Suffolk 5 Bn,119
Kerridge, Wellesley Frank,Pte,Suffolk 5 Bn,177
Kidd, Wilfred Harry,LCpl,Suffolk 5 Bn,124
Kitchener, Ernest "Cliff",Pte,1st Liecester Inf Regt,170
Knight, Arthur Leslie,Pte,Suffolk 5 Bn,140
Lane, James Lawrence,Cpl,Royal Norfolk 5 Bn,120
Lewis, Victor,Pte,Royal Norfolk 6 Bn,141
Longman, Robert Ernest,Pte,Royal Norfolk 6 Bn,191
Martin, William Robert,LCpl,Royal Norfolk 4 Bn,123
Merry, Alec Cecil,Pte,Suffolk 5 Bn,164
Metcalf, Alfred,Pte,East Surrey Inf Regt 2nd Bn,146
Miller,Walter William,Cpl,Royal Eng,114
Murphy, Patrick,Pte,East Surrey Inf Regt 2nd Bn,160
Neithercott, Peter Harry Roger,Pte,East Surrey Inf Regt 2nd Bn,157
Overend, Albert,Pte,Royal Norfolk 4 Bn,136
Pardon, Arthur Frank,Pte,Royal Norfolk 6 Bn,169
Parker, George Ralph,Cpl,Jahore Vol (Eng),121
Parker, Sidney Henry,LCpl,Suffolk 5 Bn,133
Passey, Walter John,Pte,Suffolk 5 Bn,187
Peet, Harold,Pte,Suffolk 5 Bn,165
Penn, Stanley Freer,Pte,Suffolk 4 Bn,188
Phillips, Charles Harry,LCpl,Suffolk 5 Bn,132
Postle, Charles Edward,LCpl,Suffolk 5 Bn,131
Powell, John William,Pte,Reconnaisance Corps,205
Rainer, Arthur Reginald,Pte,Suffolk 4 Bn,178
Ramsey, Thomas Charles,Sgt,53rd Inf Brgde,106
Ramshaw, Albert,Pte,Royal Norfolk 6 Bn,167
Robbins, Alfred,Pte,Royal Norfolk 6 Bn,196
Rolfe, Arthur William,Pte,Suffolk 5 Bn,145
Ruoff, Harold Freeman,Pte,East Surrey Inf Regt 2nd Bn,156
Sadler, Sidney James,LCpl,Suffolk 5 Bn,129
Savage, John Muir,Pte,Suffolk 5 Bn,181
Sawer, Charles,Pte,Suffolk 5 Bn,162
Simms, Ronald Charles,Pte,288 Field Coy (Eng),200
Skeet, Charles Edward,Pte,Suffolk 5 Bn,180
Southerington, Herbert,Pte,Royal Norfolk 6 Bn,134
Spatchett, Ronals Sidney,Pte,Royal Norfolk 6 Bn,142
Speller, William Peter,LBdr,135 Field Arty,122
Stanton, Leonard George,Pte,Suffolk 5 Bn,137
Taylor, Edward William,Sgt,Royal Norfolk 6 Bn,109
Thacker, Albert Victor,Pte,Royal Norfolk 4 Bn,172
Thurlow, Edward Joseph,Pte,Suffolk 5 Bn,163
Turner, Arthur,Pte,Royal Norfolk 4 Bn,192
Turner, Harold Sidney,LCpl,Suffolk 5 Bn,130
Wainwright, Bert,Pte,Royal Norfolk 6 Bn,197
Wake, Edward Herbert,Pte,RAOC 18th Div,144
Wallace, Jack Walter,Pte,Royal Norfolk 6 Bn,193
Wallace, Leslie Frank,Pte,Suffolk 5 Bn,138
Waller, Arthur James Sidney,Pte,Royal Norfolk 6 Bn,190
Warner, Walter Ernest,Pte,Royal Norfolk 4 Bn,174
Waterman, Reginald Francis,LCpl,148 Royal Arty Regt,127
Watson, Vernon,Pte,East Surrey Inf Regt 2nd Bn,147
Whale, John James,Sgt,Suffolk 5 Bn,111
Wilby, Stanley Alexander,Pte,Royal Norfolk 6 Bn,206
Wilson, Ronald Derick,Pte,East Surrey Inf Regt 2nd Bn,158
Wooll, Cyril Walter,Cpl,Suffolk 4 Bn,113