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Dutch (NEI) Deceased

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Source: (43 Deceased) NARA RG 407, Boxes 11 and 12; names cross-referenced for spelling with Dutch list of deceased POWs (

Name, Service, Rank, Date of Death (, Cause of death

Abels, Adolf Lodewijk,AF,Ls Sgt,45.08.09,Suffocation in collapsed tunnel
Arends, Jeremias Willem,Army,Ls Sld,43.12.14,Pneumonia
Artz, Jan,Army,Mit Sgt GI,43.12.28,Pneumonia
Brederode, Pieter Jacobus,AF,Ls Sld Kon Marine,45.08.09,Suffocation in collapsed tunnel
Commers, Johannes,Navy,Hwart,45.07.14,Crushed in tunnel from shelling
Cox, Joannes Petrus,Navy,Sgt Vlgtm Kon Mar,45.07.14,Crushed in tunnel from shelling
Dalen, Van Johannes Hendrikus,Army,PFC,45.08.09,Suffocation in collapsed tunnel
Eggink, Albert,Army,Ls Sld Knil,43.12.24,Pneumonia
Es, Frans Carel Van,Army,Ls Sld Inf,45.08.09,Suffocation in collapsed tunnel
Galistan, Pieter Albertus,AF,Milt Sgt MnD Knil,45.08.09,Suffocation in collapsed tunnel
Gaspers, Jozeff Ferdinand,Navy,Mlt Mnt Kon Mar,45.08.09,Suffocation in collapsed tunnel
Giessen, Van Cornelis Martinus,AF,Stadw Sgt Knil,45.08.09,Suffocation in collapsed tunnel
Gomis, Adriaan Maximilliaan,AF,Ls Sgt Tkl Knil,45.08.09,Suffocation in collapsed tunnel
Gommers, Johannes Hendrikus Antonius,Navy,Kpl Vlgtm.Kon.Mar,45.07.14,Crushed in tunnel from shelling
Halewijn, Eduard Emile,AF,Ls Sgt Tkl Knil,44.01.23,Pneumonia
Horn, Johannes,Army,Ls Sgt Inf Knil,43.12.23,Pneumonia
Janssen, Matthias,,Olt Hfd Mnt Knil,44.11.09,Malaria Scurvy malnutrition
Kasteel, Isaac Franciscus,Navy,Mil Kpl Schr Kon Mar,45.08.09,Suffocation in collapsed tunnel
Kempen, Antonius Albertus AdriaanusVan,Navy,Schipper Kon Mar,45.08.09,Suffocation in collapsed tunnel
Luttenberg, Andries Johannes,Navy,Stoker Kon Mar,44.02.11,Cardiac beri beri & pneumonia
Masquerier Hofland, Thomas Benjamin,AF,Mlt Sgt Mgd Knil,45.08.09,Suffocation in collapsed tunnel
Mereboer, Hendrik,,Sgt Vlgtm M L D,43.12.20,Pneumonia
Nagtegaal, Cornelis,AF,Sgt Knil,45.08.09,Suffocation in collapsed tunnel
Nieuwdorp, Jan,AF,Mlt Sgt Ekl Gi Knil,45.08.09,Suffocation in collapsed tunnel
Nieuwenburg, Johannes Bartholomeus,Navy,Barbier Kon Mar,43.12.14,Pneumonia
Ommen, Johannes van,Navy,Sgt Vlgtm Kon Mar,43.12.24,Pneumonia
Pol, Jan,Navy,Korp,43.12.27,Pneumonia & Right wet pleurisy
Ruijter, Gerrit de,Army,Sgt Inf Knil,43.12.15,Malaria
Ruiten, Teunis,Navy,Sgt Vlgtm Kon Mar,45.08.25,died of burns from shelling
Smeding, Catharinus,Army,Brig MMD Knil,43.12.10,Pneumonia
Smit, Leonardus,Army,Sgt Inf Knil,45.08.13,Suffocation in collapsed tunnel
Smith, Frederik Theodoor,AF,Ls Sgt Knil,45.08.09,Suffocation in collapsed tunnel
Smits, Pieter,Navy,Sm Schr Kon Mar,43.12.15,Pneumonia
Stins, Klass,Navy,Sgt Maj Mach Kon Mar,43.12.15,Pneumonia
Tophoven, William,Navy,Mil Mtr Stoker Kon Mar,45.07.17,Severe Shrapnel wound in shelling
Vermeulen, Christian Margarethus Johannes,Army,Ls Sgt Inf Knil,45.08.21,pneumonia and concussion from shelling
Vet, Jacobus Hyronimus,,Sgt Vlgtm Kon Mar,44.01.08,Pneumonia
Vilijn, Antonie,AF,Sgt Knil,45.08.09,Suffocation in collapsed tunnel
Vink, Henricus Karel Johannes,Navy,Kpl Vlgtm.Kon.Mar,45.07.14,Crushed in tunnel from shelling
Vleirden Mathieu Cornelis van,Army,Mlt Sgt Art Knil,45.08.09,Suffocation in collapsed tunnel
Wessels, Louis Henri,AF,Mlt AOO Knil,45.08.09,Suffocation in collapsed tunnel
Wubbels, Hermanus Hendrikus,AF,Sgt Gwm Art Knil,45.08.09,Suffocation in collapsed tunnel
Zwart, Willem Jacobus,Army,Ls Sgt Inf Knil,43.12.14,Pneumonia