Affidavit of Cyril E. Barnaby
War crimes at Sakurajima - Osaka #4

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Sakurajima Osaka 4-D Formerly Osaka-08 B Hitachi Zozen

War Crimes and Trials. Affidavits and sworn statements. Cyril Ernest BARNABY
Australian War Memorial File AWM54 - 1010/4/9

On this 27 day of September one thousand nine hundred and forty-six, Cyril Ernest Barnaby, of 31 Prince Street, Parramatta, in the state of New South Wales, labourer, makes oath, and says as follows:-
[Note 1: C E Barnaby was an Australian enlisted in the Royal Australian Navy and sent for service with the British Royal Navy]

1. As Constable Cyril Ernest Barnaby of the Royal Naval Police (Dockyard) I was taken PW at HONG KONG on 25 Dec 41. I arrived at SAKARAJUNA Camp OSAKA on 21 Jan 43. In May 45, we moved to a camp in the mountains, where we remained until the capitulation.
[Note 2: – camp in the mountains was Akenobe; Note 3: Barnaby was in Hong Kong 3rd Transport Draft on the Tatsuta Maru]

2. Whilst in OSAKA CAMP, food consisted of rice and barley, with vegetables, fish and meat on rare occasions in small quantities.

3. Medical supplies and clothing were inadequate, although I saw plenty in the “Q” Store.

4. We worked in the local shipyards: hours were long, and conditions generally were bad – we had no protection either from the weather or from air raids, which were fairly frequent towards the end of the war.

5. Whilst in this camp, many beatings occurred: I recollect the following incidents:-
In approximately Aug 43, I was told by R.B. MOORE, RNYP that Bill CURD RNYP HONG KONG was beaten by Sgt KAKUDA and another guard, and that CURD subsequently died in the camp hospital. About the winter of 44, Pte McGRATH of the Middlesex Regt was given numerous beatings by KAKUDA and IKEDA, and by the Camp Commandant. He was sentenced to jail, he had no blankets, nor was he allowed to wash. After a month or so in jail, he lost his toes from frost-bite – I witnessed many beatings that he was given. Also in the winter of 44, I witnessed IKEDA beat Sgt SMYTHE, R.A.

6. Sgt Barney WHYTE of the Dockyard Defence Corps Hong Kong was beaten by IKEDA for having a knife in his possession. He was jailed for ten days on a small rice ration, he was given one blanket, and was not allowed to wash – I witnessed these happenings. At the same time, ALF TROUT, Sgt WHYTE’s Section Leader, was bashed by IKEDA during roll call, as IKEDA alleged that he, TROUT, was responsible for what the men in his section did – I witnessed the bashing of ALF TROUT. On another occasion, every American in the camp was bashed by KAKUDA and IKEDA and stood to attention for three hours every evening after work for one week – I, and all members of the Royal Naval police were witnesses of this.

7. In Christmas 44, IKEDA beat Chief Cook BRICKLOW, USN and Seaman SONNI – I, and all members of the Royal Naval Police witnessed these beatings. Prior to this, in Sep 44, PTE SMITH USMC, was bashed by IKEDA and other guards for defacing a Japanese coin. He was jailed on a very poor rice ration – the only reason he was freed was because of an air raid.

8. All these incidents were well known to the Camp Commandant as complaints were regularly made to him regarding the beatings and behaviour of the camp staff. They were always rejected with the answer that those concerned had the full power of the Imperial Japanese Army whilst in charge of PsW.

“Sworn by the abovenamed deponent
Cyril Ernest Barnaby, at
this 27th day of September"
Signature of C.E. Barnaby
one thousand nine hundred and forty-six .

BEFORE ME – Signature of XX Menzies J.P
A Justice of the Peace