Rokuroshi POW Camp

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The following National Archives photographs [27 photos] were taken by US Army Signal Corps personnel on 07-08 September 1945, during the rescue of the prisoners. Most are scans of high quality Xerox copies from the National Archives, RG 389, Box 2130 and Signal Corps Record Group 111-SC.
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Rescue team arrives. 111-SC-222977: Capt J.V. Parker of Tyler, Texas, welcomes Flight Nurse, Lt. Jean Fetty of Joplin, Mo., one of the nurses who accompanied the Recovery Team which liberated the 354 officers at the camp. 1st Lt. (promoted to Captain during the war) Myron Frederick Wildish seen in background, second from left behind Parker. 111-SC-222976: Prisoners at Rokuroshi Prison Camp located about 250 miles west of Osaka as they welcome the first Americans they have seen in approx 3-1/2 years.
111-SC-224000: Jap Lieutenant Tsuntaro [Toshitaro] Habe, Camp Commander Ex. turns over his sword to American Camp Commander Col. Marion D. Unruh, B-24 Pilot, from Pretty Prairie, Kansas, in a gesture of surrender. Lt. Habe gave the order for dipping the benjo pails on the day of surrender, and is credited with the quote, "It's yours and you'll dip it." 111-SC-224001: Raising the American flag over Camp Rokuroshi. Left to right_ Lt. Commander William J. Gailbraith, USN, from Knoxville, Tenn., captured on the USS Houston, March, 1942, Lt. Col. Donald Spicer, USMC, from Augusta, Georgia., who asked to raise the flag because he surrendered the first American territory to Japs on Guam on Dec 10, 1941, and Capt. Jack K. Boyer, from Taos, N.M., Anti Aircraft, Coast Artillery, captured on Bataan, April 9, 1942. Four men eating at table.
111-SC-222978: Capt Edward Erikson of Minnesota, stripped to waist showing effects of malnutrition after gaining 25 lbs. over weight while prisoner of Japs. 111-SC-222979: Capt Charles D. Matzen, Philadelphia, PA, after having gained approximately 20 lbs. He still looks starved. Typical case of beri beri.
Unidentified POW bed ridden from starvation. Caution: This photograph, while indicated as being from Zentsuji, is also included in the photo files from Bilibid POW Camp in Manila.
111-SC-222980: Lt/JG Thomas Magee, 3rd, USNR, of San Francisco as Nurse Lt. Jean Fetty takes his pulse during preliminary medical examination.
111-SC-222981: Line of ex-POWs waiting for medical examination.
Entrance Gate to Rokuroshi POW camp.
View of camp from back of camp.
Typical work on farm.
Overall view from entry side.
View of camp from farm.
Senior British officer- name not noted.
111-SC-222982: All Philadelphians (l to r) Lt. Charles Montgomery, Capt Warren Sterling, Capt Harry Pierce, Lt. Kirkpatrick, Lt. Horace Smith, Capt Louis Lazzerini, Lt Robert Bassett, USN, Ensign Russell Snow, USN. 111-SC-222984: Lt. Fred Garrett, Norman, OK, who had leg amputated while Jap prisoner, throws away Jap clothing.
111-SC-222985: (l to r) Lt. Fred Garrett, Oklahoma, Col Marion Unruh of Pretty Prairie, Kansas- who was American senior officer- and Capt James Parker of Tyler, Texas, with Jap sneakers.
111-SC-222983: Japanese Red Cross serving food at train stop. Officer to the left is Captain John Coleman, officer turning toward the Red Cross lady is 1Lt Morton L. Deeter.
Packing out the day of departure, [scan of original-NARA]
Loading up on trucks for departure, [scan of original-NARA]
Trucks loading up to leave. Source: National Museum of Health and Medicine, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology. World War II Japanese POW Photographs, circa, 1945 Yokohama train station. Army nurse greets men upon arrival in Yokohama [picture courtesy of Milton Marks]