Osaka Area POW Camps

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Per Japanese List of camps, modified by SCAP, September 1945; N.B. did not include closed camps, e.g., Tanagawa
RG 331, Box 1321- SCAP Legal Files, Misc. Manila
Colonel Sotaro Murata, Commanding Officer, Headquaters, Osaka Main Camp

Corrections and notations in [Red]
Definitions: Cho - town or district; Fu - city; Gun - district or sub-prefecture; Ken - prefecture; Ku - district; zone; Machi/Cho - town; Mura - village; Shi - city; Ura - seacoast or cove. [In 1941, three "FU" were Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto]
(*) - designates a private company in command of camp.

Osaka Prisoner of War Command

The Main Base Camp [aka: Hoincho Camp, CHIKKO, Camp #1, Main]
Osaka [Shi]
Nitta Ura
Mishima Gun

Section I
Minato Ku
Osaka Shi

Section II
Fukiai Ku
Kobe Shi

Section III
Yoshiza Mura [Oeyama]
Yosa Gun
Kyoto Fu

Section IV-B Tanagawa
Tanagawa Machi
Itsunami Gun
Established 22 Nov 1942 as Tanagawa, designated 4-B on 19 Feb 43, closed 20 Mar 1045 and POWs transferred to Kukuoka 11-D.

Section IV
Yosa Gun
Kyoto Fu

Section V
Tsuruga Shi
Fukui Ken

Section VI
Minamitani Mura
Yabu Gun
Hyogo Ken
Mitsui (*)

Section VII
Takebu Machi
Nanjo Gun
Fukui Ken
Shingoshi (*)

Section VIII
Hyozu Mura
Yasu Gun
Shiga Ken
Nodanuma (*)

Section IX
Notogawa Cho
Kansaki Gun
Shiga Ken
Nakamiko (*)

Section X
Maibara Machi
Sakata Gun
Shiga Ken
Yaeuchiko (*)

Section XI
Sakatani Mura
Ono Gun
Fukui Ken

Det I, Sec XII
Hirobata Machi [This is HIROHATA] misspelled in original
Shikama Gun
Hyogo Ken

NOT listed was the civilian camp: FUTATABI - held most of the Guam civilians

Note: The above list was from the original list submitted to SCAP by the Japanese delgation that went to Manila after the surrender. Rokuroshi was listed in the alphabetical order as part of the Osaka command but no details were submitted. The location coordinates indicated it was in the burned out section of Kobe.