1st Lt A.W. Balfranz affidavit
Kokura Military Hospital

Moji Military Hospital

Source: NARA RG 389, Box 2123; files: Fukuoka #4, Moji Military Hospital
1st Lt, A. W. Balfanz Jr; O&413561, 24th Pursuit Group 17th Pursuit Squadron.

NOTE: These facts do NOT apply to the Kokura Hospital but to the Fuk-04B-Moji camp at the YMCA

Captured on Bataan; Arrived Moji as a survivor from the Oryoku Maru- sent to Fuk-22 then to Mukden where he was rescued.

Moji #4 (Fukuoka #4)- extracted information - not transcribed
From: War Crimes Office
File No. 33-129

Extract in re Brutalities at Camp #4, Moji, Kyushu, Japan
He arrived with a group of 120 men, Stated ship left with approximately 1600 men and survivors arrived 31 January 1945 with some 600 survivors. (ex Oryoku Maru to Brazil Maru)

His group separated from the rest, first went to Fuk-04B- Moji then to unnamed camp (Fuk-22) in Fukuoka in March of 1945. 34 were left alive at the time of the move.

He was sent to Mukden around 25 April 1945, arriving 20 May 1945 at Mukden. Freed by Russian troops around 20 August 1945 and evacuated by air. [not on evacuation train rosters]