Fukuoka #6
Mizumaki (Orio)

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Fukuoka-06B-Mizumaki (Orio)

Satellite map
Aerial (Jan. 1948; courtesy of Japan Map Archives)
Area Map

Time Line:
22 Apr 1943:
Established as Fukuoka #15-B
1 Dec 1943: Renamed Fukuoka 9-D
Aug 1945: Renamed Fukuoka 6-B
21 Aug 1943: Australian George A. Irwin shot
Sep 1945: Rescue effected

General camp report including food supplied, other events.

Archival Documents:
FUK-06 Orio mining accidents
FUK-06 Assorted contents RG331 Bx922

Barracks - outside
Barracks - inside
Numerous pictures taken at liberation

Monument to the 871 Dutch Prisoners who perished at this and other camps in Japan. Location?
Mizumaki Cross Memorial
Mizumaki Town memorial site - PDF - English

Can you identify these men? Let us know.
unknown men
Coal mining - 1,062 men worked as slaves.

Hell Ships:
Original group of British arrive on the Singapore Maru
Numerous Americans possibly arrived earlier (at Fuk-02B) on the Kamakura or Tofuku Maru.

War Crimes:
Murder of Australian Private George Alfred Irwin on 21 August 1943 by Sgt Maj. Tsuguo Iwanuma. Summary of testimony for War Crimes Division.
Lts. Cohn & Humphrey Report, SCAP Legal, investigation of Japanese staff involved in murder of Irwin.

Aki, Patrick K. (CPNAB) - Newspaper article relating his experiences.
Condit, Gomer Henry (CPNAB) - Affidavit relating mistreatment at Fukuoka #1 by guard named "Bucktooth."

Total = 1,062 POWs (764 Dutch, 138 American, 117 British, 41 Australian, 1 Canadian, 1 S. African; 74 deaths, over half at Kokura Army Hosp.)
Complete rosters (originals, PDF)
FUK-06_Rosters_1946-02-16.pdf - ORIGINALS
Original prelim roster - mixed nationality; names only, not in alpha order (see below for complete roster)

Dutch roster spreadsheet (courtesy of Henk Beekhuis)

Americans: not the actual rescue roster as it is dated 1 July 1945. One man perished in July 1945 after transfer to Fukuoka #3 at Yawata. Many Americans known to have been previously at Fukuoka #2B Nagasaki at unknown date in 1945. Original American roster (prelim and completed; see below for complete roster)

See also 6-B Roster Summary Statistics (named as 9-D)

Per Japanese Research Network
Deceased roster (originals, PDF) - includes injuries, weight of food and calories, punishments

NOTE: Dutch web site now lists all of the Dutch in this camp. Very important research and a "must see". (Google translation to English)
website has full Dutch roster in this camp; courtesy of Oriol Rijken. Site created by noted historian Henk Beekhuis. (Google translation)

Diary of Ton Verstraaten - website by Jan Verstraaten. Website in Dutch -- Google translation into English (not the most accurate but enough to read all the links)

Known - Senior British were Majors Graham & Busby per Red Cross Report, 13 April 1943.