Unsung Heroes
of the Royal Airforce

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Unsung Heroes of the Royal Airforce
Far East Prisoners of War
by Les and Pam Stubbs
ISBN: 1-903172-21-7

Former POW Les Stubbs and his wife Pam have compiled the definitive reference for the RAF men who fought to save Malaya, Singapore and the Netherlands East Indies. Enslaved to build the "Death Railway", the horrors of Sandakan to the mines of Japan, each paid a high price - many with their lives.

This remarkable book gives the name, rank, unit when known, place of capture, places of enslavement and, if dead, the place of interment or monument dedicated to their memory. One of the best, extensive and detailed listings of the hell ships. A labor of love that is a remarkable gift to history. An absolutely indispensable tool for anyone doing research on these gallant me. A MUST HAVE BOOK.

288 pages, softcover, with maps.

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There were 1714 RAF men who died out of the 5102 men captured. In simple language: over one-third died compared to less than 5% of those captured by the Nazis. Page after page reveals the horror and savagery of the Japanese who to this day, cannot teach their own people the truth that they came not to liberate but to expropriate the assets of their neighbors. Their racist hatred of Europeans and Chinese resulted in over 30 million deaths in China alone.

This magnificent book records the men who died in the fight for freedom. Line after line - the names of gallant young men mourned but now, never to be forgotten.

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