A GI's Story of Bataan and Beyond

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Girocho - a GI's story of Bataan and Beyond
By: John Henry Poncio and Marlin Young
Louisiana University Press, Baton Rouge, 2003
ISBN: 0-8071-2851-1
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God, I was hungry! And everyone esle was in the same shape. I don't mean the kind of hunger that makes your mouth water or your stomach growl at the thought of a thick, juicy steak after a hard day's work. Not even the hunger you feel after missing a meal or two comes anywhere close to my meaning. I'm talking about the kind of hunger that ultimately breaks down the body and destroys the mind. The kind .....(pg 174-75)
Buy the book and read what hunger means to a POW under the Japanese.
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Poncio's story is from Bataan to Corregidor then on to Hirohata, written with total context of the war. An outstanding and complete story.

Every so often, one discovers a "POW" book that is not only accurate, but well written. Each line, each paragraph, each page weaves a complete tapestry of a Prisoner's life under the Japanese. Add to this, one sees beautifully crafted typography that makes this a classic. Of the more than 1000 books w have on the subject, this book ranks in the top five.

Poncio adds depth and meaning to the history of our POWS, especially the guerilla and public support by foreign nationals and Filipinos. His is one of the rare books that even acknowledges the support from the legendary Madame Utinsky, a heroine who deserved the Medal of Honor. No phase of the experience is slighted nor any detail ignored as the writers weave a tapestry of horror endured yet an inspiring and unending battle to survive and sabotage the Japanese war effort. Poncio's description of desperate hunger alone is worth the price of the book. On a scale of one to five stars, Poncio's book deserves seven extra large stars.