Hell Wouldn't Stop
Chet Cunningham
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The Battle for Wake Island inspired a nation after the horrendous loss at Pearl Harbor. This is a remarkable compilation of first hand experiences, both by the author's brother and the men of all ranks who fought alongside him. The smoke and haze of battle prohibits any one person from experiencing the whole. Cunningham cleverly weaves the stories of his brother's fellow Wake Island defenders into tapestry that gives a remarkable vision of this heroic defense.

Taken as prisoners, the men were enslaved in the highly profitable Japanese War machinery, enriching companies like Mitsui and Hitachi. The savagery and endless brutality of the Japanese against the POWS became a living hell. Truly, Cunningham has written the personal answers of so many to the question: "What really happened to these gallant men?"

Little is said of the gallantry of the civilian construction company employees, many of whom were equally brave defenders. A number of errors (dates, names, sequence of events) are evident but, except for historians seeking exactitude, are of no significance. An errata sheet should be made by the author.

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ISBN 0-7867-1096-9
An Oral History of the Battle of Wake Island
320pp | 6 x 9 | 8 pages of B&W photos
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